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I'm Craig Arthur, Wizard of Ads Australia.  I help courageous business owners on their quest for profitable business growth. The price of entry is high, the work is hard, and the adventure is not for the faint-hearted. But the growth and rewards you'll receive are spectacular.  Join me if you dare.

5 Lessons for Business and Life

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For the last 16 years, I have been the business partner of Roy H. Williams, aka The Wizard of Ads. Roy is like the wise big brother I never had. Today I am going to share some unsaid lessons. Some observations.

When Will My Ads Start Working?

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Few business owners advertise long enough to see the results of their investment. They’ll pull up the seed and throw it to the side. Nothing ever grows! And that’s a good thing for you.

Good For Sheep, Bad For Business

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Sheep are best known for their strong flocking (herding) and following instinct. They will run from what frightens them and band together in large groups for protection. This is the only protection they have from predators.

What Advertising Can & Cannot Do

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If your message is relevant, memorable and delivered frequently customers will come. And the better your message and media strategy, the more and more customers will come.

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