“If Columbus had an advisory committee he would probably still be at the dock.”

– Arthur Goldberg

A committee in small business can be a group of employees or a loose bunch of well-meaning family and friends.

I don’t work with committees.
I only ever advise the owner of a business or the one person in the company who has the ultimate authority to say YES.


Maybe I’m just old and cranky.
Or maybe it’s because committees produce limp marketing and advertising.
I think it’s both :-)

Watch the below video, and you’ll understand why.


This video is funny because we all know it to be true.
But it is also why most marketing and advertising fails.

Marketing is anything that touches a customer.
Good marketing is what grows your business.
So take advice from marketing and advertising specialists.
But be the one who makes the final strategic marketing decisions.
Never hand marketing strategy over to a committee.

Until next week,

Work hard. Have fun.