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Jack HealdRadio Creative, Copywriting, Jingle Production
Email: JackHeald@wizardofads.com
Website: www.cultyourbrand.com
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: $500k – $30mm yearly revenue

Electric Shivers of Pure Joy

Once, while reading a story by C.S. Lewis, an electric shiver of pure joy shot through my body. I’d never felt anything like it. I was only 12, yet it marked me forever. To this day, I measure everything against that first moment of joy.

“So what,” you might think. “Why should I care?”

Because I know firsthand: joy leaves a mark. That’s why I craft words and stories most likely to create electric shivers of pure joy in your audience. Once you give people that experience of joy – once you leave a mark – they’ll measure everyone else against you.

Who I Can Help:

These are my non-negotiables. If they resonate with you, we’ll work well together.

  • I believe Truth creates and Lies destroy. I am here on earth to create.
  • I believe simple Goodness wields a power that mere Power can’t begin to imagine.
  • I believe silence at the right moment carries more weight than mountains of fancy words.
  • I believe there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy.
  • I believe the people in your market, no matter who you serve, are desperate to meet someone – anyone – who will be real, do good and speak the truth.
  • I believe the future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

  • If you have a problem with any of my non-negotiables, we won’t get along.
  • If the phrase “churn and burn” doesn’t make your stomach turn, we won’t get along.
  • If you’ll stop at nothing to win, we won’t get along. Some things matter more than winning.

What I Do For Clients:

I listen. I ask a lot of questions. (A lot.) I seek the answer to one singular question: What is it that makes you utterly unique and therefore completely uncopy-able?

When I get my answer, I create stories, messages, images, ideas and a strategy, all designed to enrapture and capture the hearts of the people in your target audience.

I make you the Leader in a Category of one.

Samples of My Work:

Radio Campaign

Jingles & Audio Brand Codes


Core Value: Character – “You matter”

I’m 10 years old. My uncle promised he’d take me to the amusement park today. But grown-ups often make promises they don’t keep. He’ll probably cancel.

[SFX: knock knock knock]

There’s a knock at the door. It’s my uncle in his green sports car. I’ve never been in a convertible before. “Let’s go!” 

[sfx: amusement park sounds, roller coaster]

“Can we ride the rollercoaster?” He says “yes,” and we do – over and over again. 

“Can we get cotton candy?” Yes again, and he buys it for me. 

All day long, I feel like I matter. No grownup has ever treated me this way.

[sfx fades to silence]

When he drops me back home, I’m the happiest 10-year-old boy in the world. 

[music bed starts]

That was a perfect day. I was just a kid. My uncle was a grown-up. But he made me feel important, like the things that mattered to me mattered to him, too.

I really liked that feeling. I’ve never forgotten it. 

[SFX: knock knock knock]

At [company name], we believe you should always feel better after we leave than before we showed up.

Stacie: Scott & Stacie here for KangaRoof.

Scott: “Cold feet, cold toes, frigid fingers, runny nose.”

Stacie: (guessing what he’s talking about) “Bad Poetry for 200”?

Scott: (answering) When your roof leaks cold air, that’s what you feel.

Stacie: OK, what about this:Fuzzy slippers. Flannel gowns. Hot chocolate. Mink mittens.”

Scott: (pretending to be upset) That doesn’t rhyme!

Stacie: (explaining) Things that make you feel warm inside.

Scott: Right – like a roof with no sneaky air leaks. Our 21-point roof inspection finds those nasty leaks…

Stacie: So your roof keeps you warm like a fuzzy fleece blanket.

Scott: Or like… peppermint schnapps!

Stacie: (mildly amused) Oh, Scott…

Scott: KangaRoof! (SFX: BOING! BOING!) We hop to it.  

Stacie: Online at KangaRoof-dot-com.

V1 = female voice, a Monty Python-esque female character, (preferably a male speaking in falsetto)

V2 = male voice, over a telephone

SFX music bed thru-out: Medieval music. Frogs croaking. Water splashing.

V1: Howard, the castle is full of frogs… and fishes. The moat overflowed – again.

V2: What? That’s ridiculous. I’m sure I paid the Wizarding Bill this month.

V1: Well, either his spell has completely worn out, or we need a new wizard. Because I’m telling you, the castle is full of frogs AND fishes.

V2:  I wish there was something that could… I dunno… maybe alert us when it’s time to change the fish and frog filter. Or even warn us when the wizard’s spell is wearing out.

V1: You mean like that new thing Glenda had installed in her castle?

V2: What new thing?

V1: It’s from . It monitors her air conditioner day and night. If anything needs attention, it sends a signal to her smartphone right away.

V2: What? Like a smart dashboard for her A/C?

V1: Yeah. And Glenda says it’s cheaper than the Wizard. MUCH cheaper.

V2:  , huh?

V1: You think they have a fish and frogs monitor?

V2: Wanda, it’s the 11th century. Anything’s possible.

V1: Yuck! Howard… Please call the Wizard Service. I can’t live like this…

V2: I’m on it. And ask Glenda about that thing from . We should get one of those.

[sfx: Woof woof]

V1: (irritated, grumpy) Kids! Maggie’s bowl’s empty and now she’s drinkin’ outta the toilet. She’s grumpy and so am I.

[sfx: woof]

V1: (mocking) “Oh dad, we’ll feed and walk her every day, we promise.”

V1: Maggie needs love and regular maintenance, kinda like your air conditioner.

V1: Schedule [company name’s] 14-point System Tune-Up now.

V1: You don’t want a grumpy HVAC system. And I don’t want a grumpy Maggie.

[sfx: Woof woof]

V1: Let’s get you fed, girl.

Success Stories:

  • I created the entire product launch campaign for a digital financial product that generated $1.5mm in sales in just 6 months.
  • A small HVAC company struggling for an identity engaged me to do “all the marketing.” (The company had been formed by purchasing 6 “mom & pop shops.”) Two years later, the company has annual revenue growth exceeding 20% per year, and is the most-recognized, most-searched HVAC company name in their metropolitan area.

How to Spark Fanatical Brand Loyalty:

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