Kevin Skaalure
Kevin SkaalureCopywriting, Audio Production
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: 350K-10M

"Just Do It” is great advertising

but it’s even better advice.


Who I Can Help:

If you believe authenticity can out-awe glitter, I can help you. Long ago, I so believed in the power of words, I thought I could conjure a happy result out of anything. I was wrong. Deluged by the Wizard in storms of examples and insights, I now understand the powers of excellence, authenticity, and strategy. Words can still sparkle, but real glow comes from red-hot authenticity. If you are authentic…in a good, trusted, way…I can help.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

Co-owned businesses can be fantastic…especially if the delegation of duties is understood. But, when one partner says the other is in charge of this or that on a regular rotating basis, it will not work for me…or for you. People who cannot listen to the customer, accept the wisdom of Plan B, or look for a gum ball every day are not good fits.

What I Do For Clients:

For years, I simply communicated what I was told to communicate. Dress it up, they said. Now, as part of a WOA partner team, I can call on expertise and experience in so many areas. As a team, we’ll uncover how to accelerate your business growth. As a Myers-Briggs certified practitioner, I can also help you discover some insights in communication, team-building, sales, and leadership in your workplace.

Success Stories:

In my former management role, non-profits were often directed my way. Since most offered no money, they often were commensurate in guidance, giving me more freedom than business clients. I used the voices of volunteers, survivors, planners, and participants to power authentic messages. It worked so well with them, I adapted the methods to my business clients: flooring, personnel and staffing, grocery, auto repair, collision repair, nursery, libraries, and more.

Authentic Audio and 1 not so authentic but fun:

Collins Mix
Vans Picnic Basket


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this testimonial about Mr. Kevin Skaalure, without solicitation, hesitation or reservation what so ever. Mr. Kevin Skaalure has assisted us in positively changing our business and personal lives more than most any professional consultant we have used over the years.

I am President of Futura Lane, Inc., a Cosmetology salon my wife and I operate as a team for over 30 years. I am 58 years old and have gone through many personal challenges in my life like all of us do, with over 40 years in the business of Cosmetology. We have always been busy and had moderate financial comfort in our lives, but I am here to tell you it is never too late to re-evaluate your business culture and what message you are really putting out to your guests.

Kevin is a guest on our business and always motivates me with his passion for advertising and what really makes businesses stand out from others. Through this relationship with Kevin and I connected at a very deep level regarding simplifying, decluttering and defining what message we want the world to hear about our business.

Since we aligned with Kevin, he assisted us in defining our business culture, utilizing belief statements that we have framed in our business, website and brochures. These aren’t just generic statements, they tell the public who we are and what they can expect to experience from our business, uniquely personal to our business.

Simplifying, decluttering and defining your business culture and beliefs personally is a task that doesn’t happen overnight, but the end results are life changing. If you don’t define your beliefs and business culture, others will and as I stated already – it is never too late.

Kevin not only helped us with our public image and defining what most businesses search for their entire life, but through his kindness and passion, motivated us to be immensely more than we ever imagined. This helped us press on with enthusiasm and deep passion for our business, even after 40 years of working in the business, now we are working on the business!

I recommend Mr. Kevin Skaalure for any business wanting more than just the average.

Lane F. Mathis, President Futura Lane, Inc.

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