The client said, “I want you to do this as Elmer Fudd.”

“Eh-eh-eh-eh, yeah, I could do that, but let’s not do Fudd, let’s go with Farmer Bud .”

Yes, the Bud character is remarkably similar to Fudd, but I’m no Mel Blanc. And as the Farmers Market campaign evolved, its strength relied on repetitive components included each week.

Both the client and I contributed to the campaign’s evolution…hence, collaboration. Sometimes in creative corners, collaboration is a four-letter word, like “Nyet.” But, recognizing a good idea and building on it is a resounding, “Da” (Sounds like DUH.) The collaboration rolls much easier if your collaborator has a good sense of humor, takes recommendations well, and generally agrees to do it your way. “eheheheh.”

What about Character Diamonds and Brandable Chunks? Yes, they are Wizards’ tools; however, due to time and planning restraints, you may not start with all the elements from the beginning. In this case, our collaboration developed a character with specific traits, language, and themes, giving the ads continuity, despite changing weekly.

The first step in adopting a character is not only a change in voice — it’s a change in language. What words or expressions does the character use versus the words of an announcer? Also, Farmer Bud began with an expected element, the eheheheh chuckle. Music was also selected, but after a few weeks it also evolved to something more suitable.

Week 1

(Anncr) The first farmers market of 2019 is this Saturday. Here’s Farmer Budd.

(Budd) Hehehehe. Howdy friend, it’s me Farmer Budd. The annual Farmers Market kicks off another season, downtown, this Saturday, come wain or shine.

(Anncr) Farmer Budd is as happy as a rabbit chomping on young grasses!

(Budd) Hey…don’t wile me up. You’ll be plumb loco to miss your chance at early garden pwants and wascally good deals.

(Anncr) Join Farmer Budd this Saturday on Fuller for the first Farmers Market of the season!

(Budd) eheheheh.

Week 7

Bud added a song to highlight the Governor’s Cup racing events. A song would be featured in every ad after that. Not every ad featured the announcer with Bud.

(Bud singing) Baby we were born to wun! Farmer Bud here! My whole family will be at the Farmers’ Market this Saturday before we wun the Governor’s Cup 10 K! Then we’re going back to the Market — if I can still walk. We need to pick up pepper plants for our garden. We love running. But, we love the Market even more because it really takes our breath away! Fresh pwants in the good ole Montana fresh air… and it will be fresh on Saturday at the Farmers’ Market. (singing) Buds like us, baby we were born to run!

Week 14

Farmer Bud began relating stories about Bud Junior or Mrs. Bud (mimicking their voices as well). The language remained and the song was always ending element.

(Bud) I was arguing with Mrs. Bud about the Farmers’ Market being late with produce. She said, “you’re a looney tune Buddy boy…everything – even Flathead Cherries were right on time and at the Market .” Y’know, she’s right. All flowers, healthy green stuff, and the early produce is ready–Flathead cherries, and Rainiers– tasty bites of sunshine! See you sunny Saturday on Fuller for Good stuff to munch on. No arguing! (Sing out) Every day – gets a little sweeter, every Day Mrs. Bud is smarter.

Week 23

We were using most of the elements: music, language, ehehehe, Mrs. Bud (amorous) and a recognizable sing out with modified lyrics.

(anncr) Farmer Bud, the cold can’t keep you down!

(Bud) Course not! Last week, Mrs. Bud bought me a coat and 2 dozen ears of corn at the Farmers Market. I wuv the jacket, but I’ve eaten so much corn Mrs. Bud says I’m all ears. I’m eating so healthy that Better Farm Living will be calling me to model. Mrs. Bud says I’m husky with a silky voice…eheheheh.

(anncr) You are the king of corny jokes.

(Bud) Bundle up! We’ll see you Saturday at the market. (Song) The weather outside is frightful…but the market is so delightful (fades).

Campaigns can be collaborative and evolve. You’ll know when an element works and when it doesn’t. With this simple campaign, we not only reminded listeners about a common, weekly event, we were able to create interest in our fictional character’s life. Other than committing lyric-cide on a weekly basis, the reviews were positive (from the client and me eheheheh).

This campaign didn’t start as finished. A suggestion for a simple weekly happening developed into a collaborative campaign. All you need is a bud of an idea… eheheheh.