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We have something in common. We were both drawn to the Wizard of Ads. I work with accomplished partners. You can too! Just ask.

Say Cheese Now Smile

2023-10-13T15:26:14+00:00By |

When you set a course to entertain, persuasion can still be a destination. The limerick can be your vehicle. It’s persuasion with the top down. The clown car body encases a Honda engine (colorful, but reliable).

Cubicalls: Press Pause

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"Is this that transactional-relational thing?" “I think so. Her business should be relational." “Why?" "We’ve been taking Buffy to our groomer for 10 years. You ever bathed and brushed a Bichon? Our groomer isn’t the cheapest. But I never miss an appointment."

Hands Up…Who’s Hiring?

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"Mike, look, the post office is hiring,” Bob tipped his head at the encased poster, “but you're past the age limit." "Hey Bob. Yeah, you wouldn't get away with a recruitment ad like that these days." Mike smiled. 

Cubicalls: The Cancellation

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"Yeah, they were on for 6 months. But they don't want to renew. Some employees bought the business. She said they'd think about it in the spring.” "What business?" "That HVAC outfit. We had some great ads."

Sowing Rhetoric, HARVesting Attention

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In another post, I lauded Paul Harvey’s “So God made a farmer” speech for its message. Mining it for rhetorical ore in this post feels a little sacrilegious…almost like making an ad out of it. Wait. I didn’t mean that.

Not a Farmer? Check Your Heart!

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Dear Intrepid Entrepreneur, if you have the heart of a farmer, you're already a success. What? Explain! On Super Sunday, February 3, 2013, Dodge aired this legendary ad. Take two minutes and listen.

The Remarkable Taste Text

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Roy H. Williams says, "Advertising is a tax we pay for not being remarkable." Dixon melons are sliced into juicy, axiom-proving-bites. Besides their remarkable taste, Dixon melons are available only for a limited time in small quantities.

The Verb’s the Thing

2023-10-13T15:22:48+00:00By |

“No One OutPizzas the Hut” What does that say to you? Does it refer to taste? The dining experience? Carry out or delivery? It says it all.

Seek a Hire Power

2023-10-13T15:23:27+00:00By |

Powerful recruiting radiates from employee perspectives, multiple, authentic voices, implied meaning, and indirect targeting. First, start with Rule One.

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