Rick Willis
Rick WillisAd Consultant, Copywriting, Strategist
Email: [email protected]
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: $1M-50M

Helping remarkable businesses become wildly successful for more than 25 years.

In the 90’s when I started in advertising they told me “learn how to make advertising work or you’re going to raise skinny kids” I studied the masters of advertising at the time and became one of the most successful ad reps in Portland. Then the Wizard of Ads taught me the secrets to making advertising effective to a degree I had never imagined.

Let me and my team of Wizard of Ads Partners take your business to levels of success you’ve never imagined.

Who I Can Help:

Businesses tuned to pleasing customers. If you’ve built a remarkable company and understand that the best marketing is an army of delighted customers, I will accelerate your growth by bringing in an army of new customers eager to meet you.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

Anyone who views customers as walking wallets to be drained. People with the attention span of a puppy – who constantly want to try something new and are unable to commit to anything. Anyone who thinks social media is the Holy Grail of effective marketing (it isn’t).

What I Do For Clients:

We start with an analysis of your business and culture, looking for the delight factors that inspire loyalty and referrals. We study your competitive environment to uncover unleveraged opportunities. Then we create a marketing strategy that includes…

  • Compelling messages that illuminate your unique charm and draw in people eager to be served by you
  • Strategic media placement to ensure your budget gets you the best possible results
  • Guidance for improving customer experience that leads to increased repeat and referral customers

Success Stories:


When Bess Wills took over the operation of Gresham Ford it had seen decades of multiple ownerships and leadership changes which resulted in some of the lowest customer retention and loyalty scores, in not just her market area, but nationally. The reputation was so bad it would have been easier to burn the place down and start over, but that wasn’t an option. The only choice was to rebrand the dealership in order to overcome the sins of the past and position it against the other dealers in the market.

Every customer touchpoint was evaluated and reimagined from the customer’s perspective. The messaging made bold statements about how customers should be treated and what they should expect. To make the messaging personal, a persona was developed for the owner as a champion of the customer.

Soon the culture within the company changed. The messaging won attention and customers started coming in. Where previously two competing dealerships had more sales in her PMA, now she owns it and is making inroads in their territory! Their CSI scores have risen to the top 1% nationwide. Their advertising spend per vehicle sold is about half of what the competition is spending and service revenues have doubled.


A manufacturer who had previously sold exclusively through distributors saw an opportunity to increase sales and revenues by going directly to the consumer. Customer oriented marketing had to be developed, sales strategies had to be developed, company culture had to be refocused.

To date direct sales total more than $15 million, accounting for 44% of revenues.

Commercial Examples: