In your city today, people are looking for a solution to the exact problem your company solves. They are looking for someone who does what you do, but they don’t know you.

Typing their problem into Google produces a list of you and all your competitors.

They want someone they can believe in, someone they can trust. Someone just like you. But since they don’t know you, they don’t choose you.

Thousands of 5-star ratings help make you a little more attractive, but an unknown name on a list is just an unknown name on a list.

Of course, Google will let you bid to be at the top of the list, but you’re still just an unknown name on a list. Plus, there’s no guarantee the expensive clicks you are paying for will become actual customers. In fact, there’s no guarantee the clicks are even real people.

A better way

But what if your name was known? What if a lot of people you’ve never met not only recognized your name but already liked and trusted you?

Well, for one thing, you wouldn’t need to bid away your profits to be at the top of a list. When someone needs what you do, they already know who to contact.

And once your company is the recognized solution, you will be less likely to have to compete on estimates. Instead of being one of many, yours will be the only company most people will trust.

Do you think if more people knew about your company and how you care for customers, they would want to work with you? You’re damn right they would!

Your name + your story = your brand

When you’re the company people think of first and the one they feel best about, the rest of the list becomes irrelevant.

Google exists for companies that don’t have a good name or don’t know how to tell their story effectively.

You need to start sharing brand stories that people fall in love with. Craft messaging (ads) that engage and delight. Tell your story in a way that makes people want to do business with you before they ever meet you. Then share your engaging and delightful story with incredible efficiency and effectiveness.

We can help. But there’s a catch. We only work with honorable people who truly care for the welfare of their customers.

If you are tired of bidding for clicks, hoping there are customers attached, and you want to be the company people know they want to work with, let’s talk.