Stephen Semple
Stephen SempleStrategist, Internet Marketing, Direct Mail, Direct Response, Speaking / Teaching
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: 3 million – 50 million yearly revenue

Selling to Businesses is Different.

Gatekeepers, influencers, budgets, and buying cycles. These are the realities to selling to businesses. It takes more than good advertising. It requires a process that cultivates a prospect and turns them into a buyer. Check out my process with a free 90-minute consultation. I practise what I preach.

“Stephen understands people who are educated, sophisticated, and successful. He knows how to attract their attention and make them confident in you. After speaking at Cambridge, Oxford, and the London Stock Exchange, he spoke at the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce. If you sell to people with money, you need to know Stephen.”

– Roy Williams

Who I Can Help:

Are you the best in your field? Do you feel like a best kept secret? Are you frustrated with the knowledge that your offer makes their business, their work, their lives richer and easier but it is still challenging to make the sale? You know you can change their business for the better.

Do you have a business model that will allow you to grow and transform your industry? Do you want to build an empire?

Then I can help.

Let’s get started with a free 90-minute consulting session.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

If you routinely use discounting to make a sale. We are not a good fit. Unless you are willing to change.

If it is easy to differentiate your products and services from your competition. Then you don’t need me.

If you are already dominating your industry and there’s no room to improve. Then why do you need marketing?

What I Do For Clients:

I create campaigns that get past all the clutter and gatekeepers. I build marketing campaigns that get noticed and bring prospects into your world. It is not just about getting known. It is about having your prospect feel like you are the solution to their problems. I create more than just marketing programs. I help you create a system to get appointments or to get them to trial your offer. But it does not end there.

We will work together to create materials that arm your prospect with the tools they need to sell the other decision makers.

There are a lot of moving parts to a good B to B campaign. I build those parts.

Success Stories:

Ask me about a direct mail campaign using a cracker jack box that generated a 30% response rate.

Or a tradeshow booth that had prospects marching into it without using giveaways or any premarketing efforts.

Or a Listen While You Drive audio that generated a $500,000 commission cheque.

Getting Started:

You want to figure out if I can help you.  I want to figure out if you have amazing potential. Neither of us can figure that out in a sales call.  How about this instead.  Visit and book a no-obligation 90-minute Boom Your Business Starter Session.  In this videoconference, you will learn how to apply the formula that has been used over and over again by Wizard of Ads customers to become the market leader.

Once booked you will receive a Starter Kit that includes a scorecard and questionnaire to be completed before we meet.  This ensures that we will have a productive and focused meeting.  At the end of this session you will know how to avoid the 2 most common mistakes made in marketing.

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