Steve Rae
Steve RaeEmployee Optimization, Strategist, Radio Creative, Idea Machine
Accepting New Clients: Yes I am working with strong dedicated WOA partner teams that are accepting new clients on a limited basis.
Client Size Range: How large do you want to grow?

Let’s grow your business

Let the WOA Partners help you plant the seeds that in time will grow your business exponentially.

Do you want to sell more? Scratch that. That’s an obvious question. What about growing your business? Nope, not that question either. What about getting employees to do the things you want them to, with ease, so they help to grow your business financially? It’s not easy, but it’s a necessity if you’re going to reach a level few owners do and have employees bosting how fantastic your business is to work at.

Steve Rae lived an owner’s life for 16-years and learned all the how-tos from the School of Hard Knocks. He turned two radio stations from Davids to Goliaths and sold them for a sound retirement. Steve did it by understanding how employees work, what they need from a boss, and how to grow them as individuals and as sales leaders. Steve has seen your side of business like few ever have: hiring, firing, zigging, zagging, motivating, training, being fearful and proud in the same minute. And now, from the golf course on occasion, Steve has set a path to help as many owner-operated businesses grow at their maximum rate.

Partnering with Dennis Collins and Paul Boomer, Steve will work with you to strategize what needs to happen inside your walls to grow. You already have marketing and operations going steady. Now it’s time to work on your team and sales to get to the next level few businesses do. Are you ready to grow your business, employees, and yourself?

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