Project Description

Steve Rae
Steve RaeStrategist, Radio Creative, Idea Machine
Email: [email protected]
Accepting New Clients: Yes I am working with strong dedicated WOA partner teams that are accepting new clients on a limited basis.
Client Size Range: How large do you want to grow?

Let’s grow your business

Let the WOA Partners help you plant the seeds that in time will grow your business exponentially.

Who I Can Help:

Operationally excellent owner operated companies who find advertising to be their weakness. You must be committed to the long term view of your business and believe in seed, time and harvest. To mix metaphors, you must be able to pull the trigger and ride the bullet which means you are solely responsible for making the decisions in your business and willing to accept the risk.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

If you run your company with a board of directors and love chasing the next best thing then we probably won’t work well together. If you can’t commit to and stay dedicated to a long term strategy, we might be friends but we won’t work well together.

What I Do For Clients:

I work with very strong, dedicated teams of WOA partners to help you move your business growth needle. We write ad campaigns like you’ve never heard before because they aren’t just creative, they are mirrors of you and your business’s core values and they are wildly successful. We get paid on your growth, not by how much you spend, so we have a vested interest in your success. You making more money means we make more money.

Success Stories:

Roof Life of Oregon is a roof cleaning and replacement company in Portland Oregon. A team of WOA partners has been working with them for almost ten years and they are still growing strong. Still using the initial strategy set up ten years ago, adapted and revised but still on target for this great client. – James Sylvestre Enterprises is a barn and steel building construction company in Tecumseh Ontario who hated being underbid by other companies who would then tack on extras and end up costing more. So by implementing a strategy to stand up for what they believe in and through a series of strongly worded ads we re-positioned JSE in the minds of the market. Growth has been strong ever since.

How to work with me:

E-mail a short introduction. Tell me about yourself, your company and why you’re interested in hiring a Wizard of Ads partner in general and why me in particular.
I’ll answer your e-mail and we’ll set up a time to chat. If it looks like we will be a fit, I will assemble a team of WOA partners to work with you and help you grow.