Dave Salter
Dave SalterCopywriting, Branding, Strategic Planning
Email: [email protected]
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: $500K to $25M

Unconventional – in all the best ways

If you know Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken,” that’s me. I pity folks who go through their day without a healthy helping of curiosity.

Who I Can Help:

If you’re offering a great product or service but you’re not sure how to tell anybody who cares, we should talk. If you believe you have a unique reason for owning your business, but you’re not certain what that is, we should talk. If you were the last kid picked on the playground when the neighborhood kids were choosing sides, we should talk.

PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE RELENTLESS. You summon a big greenie from the bottom of your lungs and launch it on all who say you’re not smart enough or not talented enough. You lose sleep most nights contemplating whether the next day is going to be amazing…for your team, for your customers, for your community. You wake up every day and convince yourself that you’re going to make a small advance toward ‘awesome,’ and then you force yourself to take that uncomfortable step. Passionate is so yesterday. Relentless people like you only need a storyteller who’s relentless enough to keep up with your commitment.

Email me so we can get this relentless party of commitment started.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

  • If you’re a whiner “who never gets any breaks,” we won’t get along.
  • If you’re a poser who thinks your horse dung doesn’t stink, we won’t get along.
  • If you’re a lazy sack of crap and treat your team members shabbily, we won’t get along.
  • If you need to grovel to a committee for approval, we won’t get along.
  • If you lack the fortitude (read – cojones) to undergo the transformation that’s going to happen, we won’t get along.

What I Do For Clients:

Have you ever watched the local television news coverage of those dumb asses who take the Polar Bear Plunge to ring in the New Year? That’s what we’re going to do to your strategic communications. We’re going to make your customers take notice…just like when that icy lake water invades certain body parts that you hadn’t considered before you took the plunge.

First, I’m going to help you discover the unique story that should influence people to desire to purchase your product or service. Most business owners don’t really understand what their Brand is…why you wake up every day. We’re going to use picks and shovels to unearth your story. It might feel like a Catholic school second grader making his first confession. But once that golden nugget emerges – Eureka!

Second, we’re going to figure out how best to tell that story. And third, I’m going to summon my master storytelling skills to craft your best epic that will motivate your key customers to storm your castle.

What Success Looks Like:

When I arrived at York College (PA) they enrolled 2,700 students and the Development office couldn’t raise a nickel if they were standing on the corner with a coffee can. I developed an integrated marketing plan, led by an award-winning radio campaign, over a seven-year period that resulted in enrollment rocketing to 5,500 and raising $45 million to build a new sport and fitness center, a library renovation, and a new performing arts center.

Me And You:

My grand High School ambition was to become Oscar Madison, and I lived that life for a while. My second book landed me a small feature on the ESPN show: Outside the Lines. My unintentional career path steered me to corporate America, non-profits and nearly 20 years as the chief communications officer at colleges in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. My higher education experience provides me a unique skill that not many other writers have… I’ve learned to write about everything from forensic anthropology to mechanical engineering.