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The well-known saying goes, “people buy from people they like.” This implies that establishing trust and rapport with customers is just as vital as the quality of your product or service. However, is this age-old wisdom truly accurate? Or do customers prioritize what they’re purchasing over who they’re purchasing from?

The reality appears to strike a balance. Scientific evidence supports the notion that we indeed prefer doing business with individuals we connect with and trust. However, this personal connection doesn’t always seal the deal. Customers primarily assess whether a product or service delivers concrete value to them.

Types of Transactions Determine How to Shift Sales

In emergencies or for minor purchases, people might transact with someone they don’t particularly like if the item fulfills an immediate need. Yet, for substantial or recurring purchases, likability becomes pivotal. The salesperson must still uncover the customer’s genuine priorities and tailor their solution accordingly.

Salespeople foster likability by finding common ground, displaying empathy, and adjusting to the customer’s communication style. But their efforts don’t end there. Trust solidifies through active listening, precise needs assessment, and clear explanations of how they will consistently meet those needs.

So, while forging a genuine personal connection initiates the relationship, customers don’t base their purchase solely on emotions. The salesperson must craft a compelling case for their ability to offer distinctive value. They secure business by combining rapport-building, needs assessment, and showcasing their expertise.

An Exercise for You

The next time you consider buying from someone you don’t particularly like, pause to evaluate whether the product or service warrants overlooking the less-than-pleasant interaction. Especially for significant purchases, invest the time in finding a seller who provides both interpersonal chemistry and exceptional value. It’s worth waiting for a combination of these factors.

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