Evan Chance
Evan ChanceCopywriting, Ad Consultant, Audio Production
Email: evanchance@wizardofads.com
Website: www.adfantry.com
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Current Client Size Range: 1M – 5M Yearly Revenue

This is Evan...

He’s like our version of The Wolf

Who I Can Help:

If you are able to tell me your story, and you’re able to make decisions about marketing and advertising, then there’s a pretty good chance I will be able to improve your position.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

Business Owners who are burnt out on their day to day operations, combined with lackadaisical decision making are not a good fit. What that means is, if we find a good solution to your problem and there’s hesitation to move forward, then we’re probably not a good fit.

What I Do For Clients:

  • First, I am a listener. That’s where the magic begins. I listen to you. I listen to your story. I listen for the thing(s) that make people relate to you. Once I find it, I craft your advertising based on that relatable cue – I give your story the room it needs to turn people into customers.
  • What if you need more than advertising? You’re in the right place. Imagine your ideal marketing team made up of industry specialists in every niche who are eager to make every event rise above your expectations. Enter the Wizard Of Ads Partners. I’ll be the first to raise my hand and tell you that Live Event Productions are not my thing. I will also be the first to bring in the Partners who do Live Events best for Wizard Of Ads clientele. Impressive doesn’t begin to cover their experience.

Success Stories:

  • An Executive Men’s Recovery Lodge was struggling to fill their capacity, only nine rooms. The owner’s vision was to provide an environment where C-Level Executives could rebuild themselves after shouldering decades of the corporate line on their shoulders. Being a small player compared to the multiple competitors who can handle nearly 10 times the enrollment, we had to show strength by being the little guy, without being smaller. A digital .gif ad with the message Slide 1-“The Difference Between Us And Them Is…” Slide 2-”Getting Called By Your Name, Or Getting Called Next” Slide 3-Company Information. This ad ran in place of their previous rotations and returned 300% higher interaction, which resulted in reaching capacity and keeping it filled since 2014
  • A young chiropractor had just opened her own practice and a colleague convinced her to do a Saturday morning show on the local sports talk station. She wasn’t getting the amount of clientele she needed to sustain the show and was ready to call off radio entirely. We met and I asked about her journey to chiropractic care. A stand out item from her training was to feel a single strand of hair under six textbook pages. If she could trace one hair under six pages of text, imagine what she could feel under the skin, tendons and muscle tissue. I convinced her to stay with the sports talk station as athletes and former athletes need a good chriro, but we put the resources from the show into 30 second ads. She now owns her business outright without student loans, and has purchased her colleague’s business (which he operates) so she has a second location.

Making Things Happen:

It begins with an email or a phone call. If we’re not a good fit, I’ll either find you the right partner, or you can stay in the position you’re in now. If we are a good fit, take a deep breath and smile, it’s going to get exciting.

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