A spiderweb is clingy. It sticks and is difficult to remove.

Your marketing should be clingy and sticky. 

Too often, a company uses their marketing to push their features and benefits – ‘Best location, Best Product, Best Service, Best Employees’ – but these are not clingy and sticky. Features and benefits are slippery and rarely remembered.

You have spiderwebs. You have a business with the ability to be clingy and sticky.

There are endless personality traits, personal stories, experiences, events, failures and victories that you can draw from to form a bond with your customer and stick out in your competitive environment.

Let’s go through that last part again – Form a bond with your customer – this is how you stick out in your competitive environment.

Every business has features and benefits;  they are forgettable because every competitor claims the same benefits and the same features.

When you share your stories (experiences, events, failures and victories) you become relatable. You become memorable. You can now share your spiderweb and cling to the customer so that when they need your product or service, you are the first person they think of AND the company they feel the best about.

Here’s where it gets fun – because you became relatable and clingy and sticky, you have already won the decision when the customer needs what you offer.

Your customer is not headed to Google to search your industry keywords; they are typing in your company because they have already decided that you are just like them and know how to make their life better.

This is being clingy and sticky. This is being a good spiderweb.

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