How does the industry market leader get to where they are?

At some point, they commit to doing something different than anybody else is doing.

They commit. Then, they do what nobody else is doing.

The smartest share a story that only they can share. They share something that can’t be duplicated.

Features. Benefits. Best Customer Service. Best Location… all these tend to be claimed by every business in operation today. 

How do you become the industry market leader if you say the same thing as every other business? You can’t. You’re just another brick in the wall.

This was the case with a local Owner/Operator that decided to be bold… and they committed!

Here’s how it went since launching their campaign in January 2022:

Do you get phone calls from people saying they LOVE your radio ads?

Of course not. NOBODY listens to the radio for the ADS…unless you are BWS HVAC in Minneapolis!

Due to repeated phone calls to BWS from radio listeners asking where they can find the spots on the web, Kevin Strandberg of BWS had an idea.

The result is BWS posting their spots to YT and their website so their prospective customers can find the ads voluntarily.


You’ll notice the strategy is different. It’s bold.

BWS directly breaks the 4th wall on their first spot with ‘I am the new spokesman…’ and ‘right about now, you’re saying to yourself…’

In the second ad, there are six seconds of no talking, it’s just the music bed playing. 


One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six seconds… it’s a long time with what could be considered wasted real estate.

But, during that time, you’ve been given direction to accomplish a task.

It’s bold. It’s something nobody else is doing. And the listeners are literally asking for more.

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