Reliable as gravity. An accurate description of my mother’s parents.

You know my mother’s parents. Well, at least you know their type of people, because you can’t leave their house without being full.

Even into their ’80s and ’90s when they weren’t hosting huge family gatherings, my grandparents would drive the farm truck to the Hostess store and purchase ALL the discount bread that was about to expire.

Then, they would freeze it, sometimes just by leaving it in the pickup bed for months (because winter in the Rocky Mountains rarely gets above freezing), and when you go to leave after visiting, loaves and loaves of expired bread would be loaded into your trunk.

This is a simple and true story. If you haven’t actually met me, you’d still feel something because you can relate to knowing somebody similar to my grandparents.

That tiny and complicated connection that weaves from me to my grandparents, then to your person and on to you is the very beginning of our bond.

Humans love discovery.

We love bonding.

We trust it.
Now that you’ve discovered my grandparents and bonded with me, let me ask you this…

Why should your customer bond with you instead of your competitor?

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