Read below or listen above

As children we were told bedtime stories.

In elementary school, we found books that we could read over and over.

As adults, we still seek a good story.

The familiarity of stories has been with us from before you and I could even remember.

Familiarity can bring confidence, and with confidence you can transfer trust.

This is also true in your advertising message.

Advertising that is filled with answers to questions that are not being asked is a waste of your marketing resources. You’ve heard about thousands of products that aren’t related to you or your business, and each of these products are droning on about open and closed hours, locations, and the all important ‘Features And Benefits.’

‘Features and Benefits’ do not garner attention and therefore cannot pass the retention test, a.k.a. the sleep test.

Sleep erases unimportant information. It also solidifies the important information. Passing the sleep test is vital when a prospective client needs your product or service.

Stories pass the sleep test. Stories connect on an emotional level…a relatable level.

Stories get remembered.

Stories get recalled.

Stories become familiar.

And familiarity can bring confidence.

P.S. Connecting on an Emotional Level should be 70% of your Marketing Strategy.

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