In the circle of Partners that make up the Wizard of Ads, we have a few core beliefs. When you become a client, we share with you our playbook that demonstrates our core beliefs, and these commitments become the foundation by which you, our client, wins.

The dirty thing is, we don’t play fair.

You’ll hear countless ads each day by other companies boasting about ‘features and benefits,’ how long they’ve ‘been in business,’ ‘super deep discounts’, ‘biggest sale of the season’, and other bland toutings that have no suction to stick in the mind of the customer.

The problem is, each of these messages are trying to get you to make a decision at that very moment. It’s the short game. The ‘Give A Man A Fish’ approach, if you will. But, the man only eats for a day.

What if there were a way to win the hearts and minds of your potential customer before they needed you?

What if, instead of blending in with the nonsense of features and benefits, you were able to stick out boldly and become memorable?

You’d win. It’s that simple. Here’s how it begins.

The top items that we, the Wizard Partners, want echoing in your head is:

#1: Be The Product Or Service Your Customer Thinks Of First.

#2: Be The Product Or Service Your Customer Feels The Best About.

Let’s hit Numero Uno – when something happens, whether it is an external trigger (out of our control) or an internal trigger (emotionally driven), the first thought of “who can solve my issue” is largely the Go-To decision. This decision is only thwarted by:

Numero Dos – if the thought of using ‘Company A’ isn’t what the consumer feels best about, ‘Company A’ gets sent packing.

When you are who the consumer thinks of first and who the consumer feels the best about, you win the decision battle before it’s even begun.

There’s no competing for the consumer’s business at their zero moment of truth. When they think of you, and feel the best about you…they choose, you guessed it, you.

So, how do you become the company your customer thinks of first AND the company your customer feels the best about?

Good question – – and you’ll get your customized answer, no strings attached.

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