Leah Bumphrey


Every Real Life Day should end with jumping in your front door and exploding to tell your spouse, roommate, or favorite goldfish, “You’ll never guess what happened!” Your ads, meetings, and moments need at least the possibility of causing some head shaking, maybe a giggle, and as my special needs brother Kevin puts it, “a tear in your eye.”

Jason Skaggs


"A radio or TV ad should NEVER sound like an ad."
I strive to follow this advice.
30 years of radio creative experience
2 Radio Mercury Awards
Your next helper to shine the light.
I'm a writing-voicing-producing and jingling-making fooooool.

Elliott Stark


My career has taken me to 18 countries and executive management in the Fortune 500. I’ve learned some things along the way.
People are people. Industries and businesses appear to be different, but they’re confined by a universal set of variables. Leverage the right variables, you can win the game.

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