Jack Heald


Once upon a time, I lost a friend because I thought facts beat feelings. Nope, lesson learned. When someone loves you, they trust you all the way - and facts can’t melt hearts. That's why I learned to write ads that help people fall in love with you, not just trade money for stuff. Love: it's stronger than facts.

Syre Klenke


Looking for business growth? You found the place! I specialize in Digital, which is where a lot of small businesses start… However, I see your business quickly growing into more. Let me assist you in putting together the best Wizard of Ads team for your unique needs and scalability.

Dave Salter


Colleagues, sometimes, label me a ‘troublemaker.’ Perhaps it’s because I’m not afraid to sneak a turd in the punchbowl. Part of that is because I despise pompous windbags, the other reason is I’m repulsed by the “that’s the way we’ve always done it,” crowd. Because it always fails.

Paul Stitt


Your customers’ ears hear only what is relevant to them. They filter out the nonessential in a sea of messaging. I write ads that are surprising and memorable creating customers wanting to do business with you. I’m Paul Stitt, and I’ve written more than 10,000 ads helping hundreds of businesses achieve success using radio.

Robert Grebe


Why are you in business? The Challenge…Your Family…Fortune and Glory? Whatever is your cause. Know that great marketing and advertising Won’t bullet-train you there. It takes time and stories that stick. Let’s talk about your vision and how to get it working for you.

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