Company Culture

Ryan Chute


Marketing is far too important to be left to the marketing department. You’re not just looking for creative radio ads. You want a holistic marketing strategy aligned with every channel—sales, advertising, branding, recruitment, and lead gen. I help companies align their marketing, sales, and recruitment efforts into a single, cohesive strategy that generates exponential profitable results.

Ray Seggern


I’ve helped home service companies across the US and Canada achieve over two billion dollars in sales over the last two decades. I even wrote a book about it. Since starting my own shop in ’06, I’ve helped eight different clients quadruple top line sales. Before that, I was an employee of Roy H Williams for two years, writing ads for his personal clients.

Terry Gaudet


Started working before my driver’s license occupied space in my back pocket. Got into the family business after a mishap on a Football Field in high school. Spent over 30 years navigating through a billion dollar industry. And wasted $40,000 on a marketing blunder that still hurts.

Mike Catanzarite


I helped our family business reach $300M a year in revenue, and at the age of 43 aided in facilitating its sale. There has been one overarching theme to my success: COMMON SENSE. Overthinking can happen in businesses of all sizes. Let’s make smart, game-changing decisions together.

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