Imagine, dear reader, an illustrious town where a modest business provides indispensable services to its neighbors. How does this virtuous provider of home comforts emerge as the first name that dances upon the lips of those in need? This, my friends, is the saga of effective brand building. Conversely, picture a timely proclamation promising to cleanse your carpets just as winter’s chill recedes – a moment of sales activation (also known as direct response).

Join me as we delve into the adventures of these two intrepid marketing strategies. Our quest? To empower the humble business owner to navigate the labyrinth of commerce, steering their ship between the Scylla of immediate sales and the Charybdis of long-term growth.

An Ode to the Heroes: Brand Building and Sales Activation

The brand building plays the noble knight in our tale, slowly amassing a reputation like a stalwart squire accruing honor and renown. Imagine this quest as one of nurturing a lush garden, where one’s careful tending and diligent work eventually birth a spectacle of vibrant blooms.

  • Our noble knight’s purpose is not simply to charge into battle but to create mental brand equity, as a poet etches poignant verses into the heart of his audience.
  • Its quest is not for the immediate spoils of war but to influence future sales by echoing in the minds of the townsfolk, just as a balladeer’s refrain lingers long after the song is over.
  • A crusade of broad reach is undertaken, not unlike a bard whose tales are shared and spread through every corner of the kingdom.
  • Like the long journey of a chivalrous knight, this is a quest for the ages, a long-term strategy to craft a reputation as resplendent as a knight’s polished armor.
  • The knight’s charisma lies in his emotional priming, much as a minstrel moves his audience to laughter, tears, or gasps of awe.

However, our tale is not a monotonous soliloquy but a dynamic dialogue, and thus, enters our second protagonist – sales activation. With the flourish of a town crier, this wily merchant calls forth the villagers to partake in a grand sale, sparking immediate commerce.

  • The merchant exploits the mental brand equity, using the knight’s renown to trade for immediate treasure.
  • His aim? To spur instant action, filling his coffers now like a harvest festival drawing in bustling crowds to trade and barter.
  • His message, however, is not for every villager but for those whose pockets jingle with the promise of immediate trade – a targeted strategy.
  • Unlike the long journey of our noble knight, the merchant’s time in the spotlight is fleeting – a short-term, seasonal market fair.
  • Persuasive messages are the merchant’s currency, selling not just goods but dreams of better comforts and superior services.

The Tales of Triumph and Tribulation

The noble journey of the brand building brings the boon of long-term profitability, the loyalty of the townsfolk, the privilege of setting a premium price and being the trusted voice in times of crisis. But patience is the noble knight’s trial, and his efforts might fall on deaf ears if his actions don’t resonate with the people.

The merchant can enjoy the jingling of immediate sales, and his results are as measurable as counting the day’s takings. But he must beware of becoming the town jester, appearing only when a deal is at hand.

In the Grand Tapestry of Commerce: How Should One Proceed?


Balancing our two heroes is the key to this tale. Les Binet and Peter Field, wise scholars of our time, propose a 60:40 ratio of brand building to sales activation. This promises a thriving future while ensuring a steady stream of revenue.

Lessons from the Road: Best Practices for Brand Building and Sales Activation

In our great theatre of commerce, where every business seeks to enact its grandest performance, the road maps of our heroes serve as illuminating guides.

As the knight embarks on his journey of brand building, he holds steadfast to his code of honor – consistent in his delivery of excellent service; his shield emblazoned with a memorable insignia, his reputation bolstered by tales of his successful quests, and his connection with the local folk stronger than the most powerful enchantments. Emotion is his ally, wielding it to resonate with the hearts of the townsfolk and fostering their faith and trust.

The merchant, skilled in the art of sales activation, times his appearances like the town crier heralding a royal decree – most potent when the need is greatest. As winter recedes, a special on spring cleaning, as autumn paints the trees, a discount on gutter cleaning. These offerings, as fleeting as a midsummer night’s dream, are not substitutes for the knight’s steady journey but complement it, spurring immediate action while the slow and steady growth of brand building continues unabated.

Yet, the narrative of our tale would be remiss if we did not underscore the importance of balancing these two heroes. As learned from Les Binet, Dr. Grace Kite, and Tom Roach in their exploration of advertising effectiveness in the digital age, we must blend the timeless wisdom of brand building with the innovative approach of sales activation. Harmony is sought, blending the old with the new, much like a minstrel playing the lute while a troubadour sings in rhythm. This balance, dear reader, has proven to elevate effectiveness, giving birth to a symphony of success in the grand theatre of commerce.

The Call to Arms

Now, having journeyed with our two heroes, it is time to embark on your own quest. With the insights you’ve gained, venture forth into the marketplace, brandishing the twin banners of brand building and sales activation. But fear not, for you are not alone. The Wizard of Ads Partners are your trusty companion, ready to guide you through the wilderness of marketing strategies.

Set forth on this journey together, and let’s raise your business to the glory it deserves. Harness the power of both brand building and sales activation and transform your business into a tale of success that will be sung by minstrels in the town squares for years to come. This is not a quest for success but a pursuit of phenomenal triumph.