One of the biggest challenges facing any small business owner taking on the task of running their social media is consistency. In fact, a lot of business owners will even question how important their consistency on these platforms really is. You may be surprised to learn that consistency is the key to a lot of businesses succeeding on social media, both with engagement and even sales.

How Does It Make A Difference?

One of the first questions a business owner will ask is, “what makes this form of marketing worth their time?” After all, in business, time is often thought of in terms of money. The truth is that a consistent digital presence gives you credentials, as people see you actively participating in your industry. It retains the attention of your audience exponentially over time. It keeps you actively on your potential customers’ minds. On the digital side, a consistent presence will organically boost your SEO as well as your visual presence. Since you are continually putting out more content, you will get more and more exposure online. In most industries, this is easiest to accomplish with a consistent digital presence.

How Often Do You Mean By “Consistent”?

A lot of it depends on the platform you are using. If we are looking at social media platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram, I would say multiple times a day to daily. If you are talking about consistency on blog posts or website articles, I would recommend weekly or twice a week for growth. Another major factor is how your audience responds to your content and how active they are online. You definitely don’t want to overwhelm your potential customers either. Another important factor is to remember that Social Media has the word “social” in it. Use your Social Media accounts to build relationships rather than just sell, sell, sell. Only trying to promote sales and prices is an easy way to overwhelm a potential customer. Find ways to relate your business and what you offer to your customer in other ways, especially if your goal is retaining them long-term.

Do Scheduling Apps Help?

For some small businesses, a social media scheduling application may help. In other cases, it can complicate the posting even more. I personally do not recommend scheduling apps. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and all other major social media platforms have options for drafting out future posts on the apps themselves. All major website platforms have this feature for posting blogs as well. So, in my opinion, there really isn’t the need to use a third-party platform and run the risk of losing digital momentum or authenticity. I will go deeper on this subject in the future! As a business owner, if you have become overwhelmed with social media and your business’s online presence, it may be time to pass the torch on those tasks so you can go back to focusing on what you love. I’d love to get on a call with you to assist you in choosing the right next step for your business. Feel free to contact me if you ever have questions about social media, blogging, or other ways your business can organically grow your digital presence.