Imagine this, you’ve just launched your home services business. You’re passionate, your team is ready, and you’ve just set up your Google Ads. But a month in, you’re not seeing the returns you’d hoped for. You scratch your head, wondering, “What am I doing wrong?” This reminds me of my neighbor, Lucy. Lucy started a home cleaning service. She was stellar at her job but struggled to attract clients via online advertising. That was until she discovered the power of the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout, and how they related to her Google Ads.

Understanding these laws can make all the difference. This article aims to decode these marketing commandments and how they apply to Google Ads for small home services businesses. So, grab a coffee, and let’s dive into the world of effective online advertising!


1. The Law of Leadership: It’s better to be first than to be better.

Being the first to offer something can etch it in the consumers’ minds.

Being the first to offer a unique service, like eco-friendly home cleaning, can set up you as a leader in Google Ads. Highlight your uniqueness in your ad copy: “Eco-friendly Home Cleaning | A First in [Your City]!”

2. The Law of Category: A new category is a chance to be first.

Instead of competing head-on, create a category you can lead.

Instead of just “home cleaning,” maybe you offer “pet-friendly home cleaning.” Use keywords that pinpoint your niche. Your ad could read, “Love your pets? So do we! Pet-friendly cleaning services are available!”

3. The Law of Perception: Marketing is about perception, not products.

It’s not about the quality of your product, but how people perceive its quality.

It’s not about how effective your cleaning solutions are, but how people perceive their effectiveness. Use reviews and testimonials in your ads. “Jane from [Your City] says, ‘My home has never felt cleaner!’”

4. The Law of Focus: Own a word in the customer’s mind.

In Google Ads, concentrate on one core message or service.

If you are known for “quick response,” your ad could read, “Need Immediate Home Cleaning? We Respond Fast!”

5. The Law of Exclusivity: Two companies cannot own the same word.

If a competitor is known for “eco-friendly cleaning,” pick another unique selling proposition.

If your strength is “chemical-free products,” emphasize that. “Your Health First! 100% Chemical-Free Cleaning.”

6. The Law of the Ladder: Your position in the market matters.

Where does your service rank compared to competitors?

If you’re the second-best known after a big brand, use it!

7. The Law of Duality: Markets eventually become two-horse races.

It usually boils down to two major players.

If you’re one of the top two, flaunt it. If not, find a niche they aren’t addressing and highlight it.

8. The Law of the Opposite: Position against the leader.

If the leading brand is corporate and impersonal, position yours as personal and caring.

“We are not corporate, we’re your friendly neighborhood cleaners.”

9. The Law of Division: Over time, a category will split into multiple categories.

Home cleaning might grow into categories like eco-cleaning, express cleaning, etc.

Find your sub-category and own it in your ads. “Specializing in Deep-Cleaning for Homes.”

10. The Law of Perspective: Marketing effects take time.

Don’t expect immediate results from your ads.

Consistency is key. Keep tweaking but support your core message.

11. The Law of Line Extension: Avoid over-extending your brand.

If you are known for one thing, be cautious about diluting your brand by offering too many services.

Instead of promoting all services, focus on your most popular one.

12. The Law of Sacrifice: Sometimes less is more.

Narrow your focus to broaden appeal.

Instead of advertising “cleaning, landscaping, and maintenance,” focus on “Expert Home Cleaning.”

13. The Law of Attributes: Every brand needs a unique attribute.

It’s not just about what you do, but how you do it.

“Not Just Clean — We Leave Your Home Sparkling!”

14. The Law of Candor: Admit a negative to gain a positive.

Transparency can earn trust.

“We might not be the cheapest, but we guarantee the best quality.”

15. The Law of Singularity: The best move is often unexpected.

Surprise moves can gain a lot of traction.

Offer a surprise discount or an unexpected service add-on.

16. The Law of Unpredictability: The future is unpredictable.

Be prepared to adjust your strategy based on results.

Always analyze and refine your ad campaigns based on data.

17. The Law of Success: Ego impedes sound marketing.

Don’t get complacent with success.

Celebrate wins but optimize and innovate.

18. The Law of Failure: Everyone fails – accept it.

Not every ad will be a hit, and that’s okay.

If an ad campaign isn’t performing, pivot and try something new.

19. The Law of Hype: Real revolutions don’t arrive with hype.

Over hyping can lead to disappointment.

Set realistic expectations in your ads.

20. The Law of Acceleration: Successful programs are built on trends, not on fads.

Jump on long-lasting trends, not short-lived fads.

If green cleaning is a lasting trend, highlight it. But avoid gimmicky offerings.

21.The Law of Resources: Without adequate funding, an idea won’t get off the ground.

Allocate enough budget to your Google Ads to make them effective.

Invest in high-quality ad design and thorough keyword research.

22. The Law of Imitation: Sometimes imitation does the trick.

It’s okay to draw inspiration from competitors. See what works for them and adapt it.

Notice a competitor’s ad getting a lot of attention? Understand its structure, tone, and messaging. Craft your version, but make sure it resonates with your brand’s voice.

Now, imagine a world where your Google Ads not only reach your target audience but also resonate with them. Where every click converts because your message speaks to their needs. Sounds dreamy, right? But it’s achievable. Remember Lucy? She’s now booked out for months, all thanks to tailoring her Google Ads strategy with these laws in mind.

For every small business owner in the home services sector, understanding these laws isn’t just beneficial; it’s essential. They offer a roadmap to navigate the bustling highway of online advertising. And with Google Ads being such a powerful tool, aligning your strategies with these laws can make your journey smoother.

In conclusion, the world of Google Ads is vast, but with the right guidance, it doesn’t have to be intimidating. The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing provide a compass to steer your advertising ship in the right direction. And remember, every big journey begins with the first step.

Feeling intrigued? Need more insights on how to maximize your Google Ads efforts? Contact me, and together, we’ll make sure your ads shine brightest in the vast galaxy of online advertising.