One of my superpowers is making soup. Really, really good soup. Even if you don’t like soup, you will smell it and want a taste.

No – I have not mistaken this space for an online “Let’s Eat!” or “Comfort Cooking” episode. I am not sharing any secret, handed-down recipe although I did learn how to make soup from my mom and she learned from her mom, and yeah… This is a well-anchored superpower.

If you are in business, you have a superpower. You might have a mentor, a franchise group, or a family connection as part of your recipe. But you also have a superpower, and probably more than one. I know business owners that perfectly connect and inspire their staff. Others have an uncanny ability to see how new opportunities will fit into their business model. Maybe, you are not afraid to take a risk and know how to follow your gut instinct. My Uncle Bill turned “everything he touched into gold”. His Midas secret was working harder than anyone else.

From inside the bottle of your business, it’s hard – actually impossible – to read the label. Your superpower might be hidden in the fine print. You need to have time to let it all boil and bubble and simmer and waft in the air to see how it is going. Are you meeting your goals? Are you having fun? Are you so busy trying you have forgotten why?

Ingredients Matter – What Are You Putting In?

Real food makes the best soup, but let’s define that. Frozen and even canned ingredients are inevitable and okay. But it’s your base that counts. What are your key ingredients, how long can you let them dance and bubble and blend and become friends in your favorite stock pot? Do you want to be making soup? Because if you don’t, go feed the ducks and make soup another day. If you are using nothing but someone else’s cans of ‘stuff’ well, trust me. Your soup will be lacking. You might get away with it once or twice. But people will know, you did not enjoy the chopping and the frying and the dishing and dashing that goes with creating a stellar pot of soup.

Really Good Soup Is Not Tied To A Strict Recipe

Not if you are going to have any fun at all. Sometimes, exactly what you think you need isn’t there. And often, what you actually have on hand can be used with fantastic results. Be daring!

In business, the ideal is to hire people to work in your business so you can work on your business. These people are hard to find but sometimes you will discover them already working for you. Trust your people, or perhaps, they simply should not continue to be your people.

Share your vision, make them feel part of it, and help them grow into the specifics of who you need by training, supporting, and cheering them. The right kind of person can be taught specific product knowledge and skills. This especially includes your support people and vendors who are not specifically on your payroll. You rely on them to take care of important foundational parts of your business like your online, your advertising, and your general operations.

Trust Your Team of Experts

One fundamental truth about making great soup is that, as you cook and add and boil and change the contents of your favorite pot to create a perfect balance, there will be times you taste it and… the soup has lost all flavor. There is no taste. You’ve been building and creating and you have no idea if it’s any good at all. Don’t panic. You need to trust your process. Ask your spouse, roommate, friend, or family. The people you are cooking for and with. Not just anyone. Trust your tribe as you give your almost-soup a final gentle stir, and carefully blow so the thoughtful taste tester doesn’t sear their taste buds off.

Pick the people in your business – your staff, your suppliers, your consultants – to help you fine-tune the flavor of what you are working on.

My superpower nudges me when it is finally ready to share. I freeze some leftovers, save some for tomorrow, and delight to send a jar home with whomever really loved it.

Lightning Strikes Many Times But Never The Same Twice – Brace Yourself

Because you are never going to taste that soup again. The magic is in the making and the pinch of this and that and a gut feel that a tiny bit more garlic would be perfect. There is no recipe, no exact measurement for results to be duplicated when you are creating and building with your heart.

When you are building your business it is easy to have a strategy for today. Because you need to get stuff done. But when you love what is possible and you want to share it and grow it and keep perfecting the next day and the next… that is when you need a team to support and refine the how of getting exactly where you want to go. And most especially to inspire you to go just a little farther. Because your superpower needs people and ideas and plans to push against.

Create something fantastic with your superpower. Wizard of Ads Partners specialize in helping you identify and fine-tune it. Our superpower is taking everything you have and know and do and creating a fantastic pot full-of-your-story… the before reason people need you, the after success you give your customers, and the reminder of your business as their new because.

The best people will want to work for you and the most loyal customers will stand in line all day because they love what’s simmering in your business.

It sounds souper because it is.