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About Jerry Cassandro

I have a corporate sales and marketing background and have been a communications consultant for such companies as Walt Disney, Boeing Aircraft, Kraft Foods, Armstrong World and The Pillsbury Corporation in the air pollution control industry for many years. My team helps owner-operated businesses attract more profitable customers by giving businesses a louder, more convincing voice in the market place. A voice that cuts through all the clutter and reaches present and future customers.

The Real Way To Build Your Business

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You need 4 things… (1) A good steady flow of new customers. (2) A good steady flow of repeat customers. (3) Referrals. (4) Positive Word of Mouth (and this includes social media)

Want To Be a Master Persuader?

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In business, this is critical. How do you make someone say “Yes” to your request? Robert Cialdini's scientific approach to persuasion found that influence is based on six key principles.

What Do Your Customers Really Want?

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Virtually everything we do or buy is to change the way we feel. We are emotional creatures. It’s been said we buy with our emotions and back it up with logic. The following list is what I believe controls our entire economy.

The Greatest Business Secret in the World

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Your company may sell the finest products and services in the marketplace, but it’s how customers feel about your products and services that ultimately determine how successful your business will be.

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