What the hell is ‘brand distinctiveness?’

It’s the ability to differentiate your company from your competitors.

Ok, but don’t my name, logo, truck wraps, and uniforms all do that?

Sure. But how much do they impact the experience of your customer when they buy from you?

Let’s say your customer is unobservant and doesn’t really pay attention to your employees’ uniform. What sets you apart from your competitors, experience-wise?

Want an example from the land of fast food?

Say you’re at a fast food drive-thru when an employee hands your food to you. You thank them, and then you hear “My pleasure!”

Where are you?

Fans of Chick-Fil-A know exactly where they are because “my pleasure” is a brandable chunk for that restaurant.

“My pleasure” is a definable crystalized signifier of Chick-Fil-A’s service excellence, and a well-known part of the experience of eating there.

This is the differentiating power of brandable chunks when they are used as “key words at key times” during customer touchpoints.

“Customer Touchpoints?”

I’m talking about customers hearing or reading key words (aka brandable chunks) when they:

    • Call in to schedule an appointment
    • Visit your website
    • Talk to an employee
    • Are greeted at the door
    • Get a quote
    • Receive a piece of direct mail or a newsletter
    • Hear or see your ads

Of course, if you don’t have these keywords to use at key times, then you can’t do this very easily, which makes it a good reason to craft Brandable Chunks, even if you’re not currently engaged in mass media advertising.

And if you have Brandable Chunks, but you are only using them in your ads, then you’re missing out and letting that resource go to waste.

If people do business with you because of your ads, then they’re expecting the buying experience to match the one promised in the ads. They expect the experienced to be as distinctive as your ads.

Using brandable chunks in the form of “key words at key times” helps to make that happen.

Looking to craft a complete marketing plan that includes brandable chunks? I’m happy to help.

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