I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with building a legacy business.

There’s a whole lot right with it, actually.

But it is staggeringly far from the norm. It’s highly abnormal.

For starters, the norm isn’t to go into business for yourself.

And of those who do start their own business, it’s abnormal to succeed at all.

As almost half (45%) of new small businesses fail within the first 5 years, and over half fail a few years thereafter (65% fail w/in 10 years).

So understand that real success isn’t normal.

Then, within that abnormal group of successful owner operated business, the norm is to stick with online and social media advertising.

It’s abnormal to consistently advertise via broadcast media.

Only 22% of small businesses advertise on TV or Radio at all, let alone consistently.

And when it comes to legacy, only 30% of family owned businesses make it to the 2nd generation and only 12% make it to the third generation.

Establishing your business as a local institution, one that’s known, loved, and maybe even envied, is shockingly abnormal.

So what’s my point?

You, Sir, Are Abnormally Awesome. And Here’s why…

First, to help you recognize what an accomplishment it is for you to have grown your business to the point of being able to advertise via mass media.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re a stone-cold stud. Or warrior princess.

Revel in that. You are exceptional.

But recognize also that you are abnormal. And that you desire to become increasingly abnormal.

Because the further down this path you go — by building a business empire and a legacy that can be either handed down to your grandchildren or sold to establish generational wealth — the more you’ll find that the normal ways of thinking and acting simply won’t do.

Why Normal Just Won’t Cut It For You & Your Business

If you do normal things, the normal way, you’ll get normal results.

So simple logic should tell you that you’ll want to

You don’t want to advertise or even run your business the normal way because you’re not normal and your goals are not normal.

And those are good things.

Embrace them and hoist the flag that is uniquely yours for all the world to see.

Tell the story only you can tell.

After all, you’ve come too far, worked too hard, and sacrificed too much to settle for normal.

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