vastness of the world

You want all of ‘em. Every single customer in the world.

It’s natural. You did not open your doors and take all that risk for nothing. OK, let’s do it.

The world for one of my favorite brands anywhere is in a little pass that you blow through on Hwy 145 heading up to Ophir and dropping down to Telluride, Colorado. It’s as pretty as you think it is out there. Sparse and sparkling.

Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery’s world in Dolores, Colorado, (2019 pop. 847) consists of both green thumb savvy and soon to be savvy gardeners who would rather pick a fresh tomato from their garden than drive miles to buy one from who knows where at the nearest grocery store.

Four Seasons fans live in and around Dolores, Cortez, Lewis, and near the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park. This gardening, landscaping, homesteading world adores Four Seasons. They exploded sales during the pandemic. Cars lined up down the road. It’s fair to say that because of all the work they have laid in marketing over the years fed by a rich loam of love for their customers, their roots were ripe for the moment when the COVID-19 lock-downs sentenced us to life in our own homes.

Four Seasons enjoys this global domination because they do the right things. Micro things. Macro things. They are consistently telling their story. They drive a strong customer experience. They deliver on the experience they advertise.

This culture includes being thoughtful about the articles they post, the ‘how to’ advice they publish for free, even the Facebook and Insta pictures showing staff yucking it up out back. All of this is backed up by solid professional advice and excellent perceived value for the money. It’s yours whether your Heirlooms exploded or if you rotted a pot full of Romas.

Gail VanikGail Vanik is the glue that holds it all together at Four Seasons.

“We did have phenomenal growth last year and recorded our best year ever. I do believe that much of the success that came last year was due to laying that foundation for many years through the tricks and techniques I learned at Wizard Academy. Consistent radio presence, incorporating ‘We Believe’ statements, making it relatable with a personal story, etc. We had positioned ourselves over the years to have that top of mind awareness when the time came…people were looking to garden…I just checked and we picked up 1,088 new customers in 2020. In our area, that’s huge.”

Remember there’s only 847 people in town.

When the cash register closes, Four Seasons customers know their money buys way more than a plant in a pot. Her customers liked her the best and thought of her first. This is what happens when your core-values are aligned in service to your customers.

Think of this as total world domination.

FedEx? Coke? Toms? Tesla? Ya’ll listening? Hopefully so, because Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery, just off Colorado 145, is showing companies like yours everyday how to win the world.

Ask for Gail.