Marketing, done properly, is rocket fuel. Done poorly, it’s molasses in your growth tank.

Chances are when you’re first starting out, you’re doing your own marketing. But marketing requires focus. If you are taking meetings with reps and media companies, writing blogs, or figuring out what to spend on Google, it’s likely these media-centric time-sucks are robbing your attention from more pressing, more lucrative opportunities.

So, the first time you consider hiring an agency is likely to be around the same time that something you could have profited from, like a purchase, a sale, or even a great employee, slipped through your hands because you were focused on marketing your business – alone.

You were looking elsewhere, and you got bit. That can’t happen. Your marketing is important but missing a big opportunity because you had your mind in a spot schedule or ad copy is an expensive and unacceptable miss. It is an unforced error. It may even be deadly.

Marketing is one responsibility you can hand off. If you hire the right team, and guide it from the top, making sure members have a clear vision of your goals, and share your enthusiasm, it will pay off explosively. You will profit from investing the time it takes because this will free you up later to drive success.

Another time you may find yourself hiring an agency is when you are ready to fire one. Your intuition has already spoken up.

She whispers, “No one is excited about you”.

The ledger says sales have slipped. You are not hitting goals. Margins are down. Morale is off. Everything is just blah.

As the inner voice grew louder, you poked and prodded your current agency letting them know how you felt. They snapped to attention in their chairs. Maybe they immediately started to blurt ideas and solutions. They may have promised a complete overhaul. And now a year later, that voice still whispers, ‘sales are flat’, ‘nobody cares’. So, a year later nothing changed? Same old ads, same old schedules, nothing fresh.

Yep. Time to hire a new agency.

Maybe find one that breaks all the rules and grows dreamers into millionaires. Hmm, wonder where ya might find such an agency…..hmm?

If you ever want to discuss how to kick your dreams into high gear, or how to navigate away from the doldrums, I am here for you, and nothing would make me happier than to help you.