People — especially people half-paying attention — will notice the way in which you talk to them more than they’ll notice what you’re saying.

Once you understand this, your ad style will change — especially if you’re a business owner who “stars” in your own ads.

But even if you’re not, there’s nothing wrong — and a whole lot right — with having your spokesperson (or spokes-critter) talk to the audience like they’re good friends.

Where most business owners get this wrong is through their preoccupation with delivering information and copy points.

They think ads are about rationally delivering an argument.

One focused on “Why buy from me.”

But buying decisions are almost never rational.

Indeed, the entire point of branding is to move people from bang-for-buck reasoning over to identity-based reasoning.

Meaning, that you don’t want their decision to opt for you to be entirely rational, in the cold reasoning sense of that word.

You want them to buy from you because they like and trust you more than anyone else.

Because they see you as “like them,” and because they see your brand as a way to express their values.

And one of the fastest and most efficient ways to do that as a business owner is to get your audience to bond with you through.

This means you oughta be “chatting them up,” as if you were already their buddy.

This is why it’s usually a mistake to announce yourself on every ad.

So… go listen to your ads.

How do you come off? What is your ad style?

Do you come off as a friend, who’s already on their side and already taking them into your confidence?

Or do you come off as some announcer douche who’s lecturing to them about why you should buy from them?

If it’s the latter, and if you’d like help moving to a bonding-style branding campaign, I’d be happy to partner with you in doing that.