I want my Green Jacket and I want it now!
I also know that I’ll never, ever, be able to have THE Green Jacket.
I could certainly go to Jos. A Bank, Men’s Wearhouse or Macy’s and purchase any old green jacket. But that would not work, because none of them would be THE Green Jacket.

In 1937, members of the Augusta National Golf Club (ANGC) began wearing green jackets so that they could better be recognized by the patrons attending The Masters golf tournament. IMHO the most important and most beautiful professional golf outing staged on an annual basis.

In 1949, the first Green Jacket was awarded to the champion of that famed tournament, hall of famer Sammy Snead. Since that day, the only way to get THE Green Jacket, is to either become a member of ANGC or to win The Masters. I’m not certain which of those is more difficult.

Every tournament on the Professional Golfers Association tour has a trophy, some have jackets of their own, and other trinkets and baubles that they hand to the winning golfer, but there is only one Green Jacket. It’s one of the most exclusive prizes in all of sports.

The ANGC has really maximized Exclusivity in almost everything the club does relating to The Masters. You can utilize exclusivity in your business strategy to separate your product or service from your competitors.

You cannot purchase officially licensed Masters merchandise from the club online. You must physically go to the tournament. You cannot purchase tickets to the tournament from any other dealer. Augusta National is the only authorized seller of Masters tickets, AND, if you try to get into the tournament and it’s determined that you acquired your tickets via a third party, they can kick you out. My Dad lived an hour from ANGC for 18 years, and all he wanted to do was go to a practice round. For 18 years, each year, he and his neighbor had to enroll in a lottery by mail to attempt to land passes for a practice round. He landed those coveted markers just one time.

The ANGC also is the only tournament that mandates what the caddies wear. All caddies for The Masters where the same white bib overalls, with the name of their golfer in green letters emblazoned between their shoulder blades. The ANGC is so OCD that they are the only professional golf tournament that owns the broadcast rights to its tournament, and thereby anything that is said on that broadcast.

That’s why it was able to file two trademark requests for something it never created. Famed sportscaster Jim Nantz coined a phrase a number of years ago, for television promotions leading up to the tournament. “A tradition unlike any other,” is one of the most well-known phrases in all of sports, and it has been heard by millions of golf fans for years and Nantz had no legal claim to it because ANGC owns all television rights for its tournament. The ANGC uses the phrase on some of the merchandise that it sells.

Finally, the average cost for a ticket to The Masters is about $4,000. There is one window to purchase tickets, from June 1 to June 30. FOR NEXT APRIL. It will be sold out.

How can we use exclusivity in your business model to make a positive impact on your bottom line? The Scarcity Principle basically says that humans want those things that they can’t have, and that when a commodity or service is difficult to obtain, it becomes more desirable. This instigates a sense of curiosity as well as a sense of urgency because humans often suffer from FOMO.

The positive side of that principle is that exclusivity also creates an elevated perception of value in the desired product or service. Once a human is able to obtain this elusive item, there is a sense of belonging and a sense of importance.

Can you create a unique offer that no other competitor in your market can match? Can your technicians perform a timely or specialty service free of charge that competitors typically charge extra for? Are you the only regional supplier of a specific product, and can you build an incentive program around that that has a deadline or some way you create a sense of urgency?

One of the keys to effective marketing is differentiating yourself from your competitors. Creating exclusivity in the manner in which you conduct your service or in the products that you sell can be a game-changer for your business. It will enhance the perceived value of your service or product, and once your customer is able to acquire it, they feel like they’re part of a special club. One that they continue to patronize on a regular basis. Even if they can’t get the Green Jacket.

Wizard of Ads Partners can’t get you a Green Jacket, but we can help you differentiate your business from your competitors. I’d be happy to have that conversation with you.

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