Here are six ways sales professionals can create great customer word-of-mouth marketing:

1. Actively Listen: People are more distracted than ever, so if you are able to focus your attention completely on a customer without glancing at a computer screen or checking your handheld electronic device, that alone is Shareworthy. Show her you’re actively listening by using her name. Repeat her request so she knows you’re making sure you understand.

2. Answer the Question First: If your customer asks for a price, the first thing out of your mouth better be a number. After you’ve answered her question, then you can let her know how much bang she’ll get for her buck, or you could always throw in something extra to surprise her.

3. Set Your Default Response to “Yes”: Don’t be wired to say “no” — even if a request seems impossible. Go into every sales opportunity trying to find a way to get it done. Even if you can’t complete the request, your customer will appreciate your effort.

4. Express Gratitude: Without regular customers, you don’t have a company. Let the people who keep your doors open know how much they mean to you. A “thank you” goes a long way, whether they buy something or not.

5. Dissect Interesting Interactions: If something out of the ordinary happens, record the specifics for later study. Then, discuss it with co-workers. Then, figure out what you can learn from it. This will help turn one-off service experiences into systems that can make your whole company better.

6. Follow Through: Each completed sale is not the end of the transaction. Rather, it’s an opening. You have the opportunity to create a customer for life. Brainstorm ways of following through, maybe a thank-you card or a follow-up phone call, that will impress her after she’s left the shop.

Exceptional customer service is Shareworthy. While there’s no denying that we love to complain through Twitter and Facebook, people do talk about the great customer experiences they have.

If you’re a celebrity, there’s no such thing as bad press, but this doesn’t apply to the world of sales. The best press a company can get comes from sales practices that inspire delighted customers to take to social media.

Give your customers a Shareworthy experience, and watch as the good news spreads.