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I guess LinkedIn would probably tell you I’m an American entrepreneur, bestselling author, public speaker and international marketing consultant. I’m owner of a weird little firm that helps good companies & good employees & good customers connect in this Age of Rapid Distraction.

What’s On Your To-Don’t List?

2023-10-16T15:12:24+00:00By |

As part of a recent self-exploration of how we’re measuring success, my friend and mentor Michele Miller suggested coming up with a to-don’t list.

Chick-fil-A Let Me Down!

2023-10-16T15:12:33+00:00By |

We hold the places we adore to higher standards. Chick-fil-A’s the most beloved fast-food restaurant in America. The Cathy family developed a lengthy list of systems, policies, and procedures – observable behaviors...

Modernizing The Buying Funnel

2023-10-16T15:12:47+00:00By |

In our combined 50-plus years of doing this, we’ve learned sales resistance and loss of repeat and referral customers comes from one of two places.

Who Cares?

2023-10-16T15:13:04+00:00By |

Who cares? 148.7 people, apparently. Dunbar’s Number has ramifications in social media, sure, but for small business, it has far more to do with marketing and influence and the importance of delivering a delightful customer experience.

10 Reasons NOT To Hire A Good Writer

2023-10-16T15:13:43+00:00By |

Paradoxically, while AI and affordable, ubiquitous access to good writers may suggest a radically diminished demand—and cost—for great ones, the opposite appears to be true.

10 Marketing Lessons From Garth Brooks

2023-10-16T15:13:54+00:00By |

Even though he couldn’t possibly interact with everyone, he specifically circled the round stage and made eye contact with someone at each point before he moved on.

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