We hear about the inverse relationship between time and money.

Spend more money so you can save time.

Save money, and you lose time.


I think most people would like both.

Money is touchable, and see-able.

You can make it, use it and trade it.


Time cannot be created.

You can’t save it or trade it.

Can’t touch it, smell it or see it.


You live and then you die.

Time is a man-made idea that quantifies and justifies our lives.


The average person in the United States lives for 78.54 years or 28667 days.

When asked on their deathbed, people resounding say they wish they had more time.


You can use it, abuse it, vilify or justify it.

The one key element to time is you have some.

Not sure how much.

Not sure when the clock will stop.

But IT does stop for everyone.


Advertising is a function of time.

You use it to increase customer counts.

You invest in it to grow your business.

Because you want to grow.

You have a dream. And there’s only so much time to make it happen.


Many business owners waste their efforts on bad advertising.

They trade money for time and they lose both.

They chase bad ideas and bad customers.

They waste days.


28667 days in a life.

If you’re 40, you have 14067 days left.


Every year, your advertising is failing your business is a waste of 365 days.


There’s no TIME.


Good advertising combined with a good business owner makes magic for the bank account.

It doesn’t give you back time.

It gets you to your dreams faster, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.


Good advertising is using the right message connecting to your customers, driving traffic to your business.


Notice how I didn’t say, “Good advertising is the right message to the right people at the right time”.

That’s what marketing weasels say.


There is no right time when connecting the message with customers.

The right time was six years ago.

The second best time was yesterday.

There’s NO right time.

Because all we have is NOW.

The right time is now.

Somewhere between tomorrow and 14067 days, time will not be a renewable resource.


Mick Jagger was wrong.

Time is not on your side, no it isn’t.

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