You have two brains.
Some call them hemispheres.
I call them twins.

The left twin is logic. He solves problems like Dr. Spock.
Analysis, math, logic are all fruits of this brain.

The right twin is the home of creativity and intuition.
She sees patterns and solves problems like Picasso.
She’s unpredictable but in a good way.

Barring a neurological disorder or brain injury, we have the ability to tap into both twins.

For most of us, we default to the left one.

We go to school.
We’re taught math, science, painting, dancing, language, music, and sports.
As each grade passes, right twin languages are replaced with analytical ones.
Physics and chemistry replace dancing and music.
At the end of structured education, our brain is a bodybuilder who only does curls with his left arm.

The right side awes her powerful twin.
She has latent power but lacks the training.
You can train her.
Read poetry. Study art, dance, or pottery.

If you want to be a better runner, you run.
If you want to be more creative, you create.

Your competitive advantage in your business is with the right twin.
The competitors are working from the left.
It’s like having 15 politicians from the same party fighting for your vote.
They’re all saying the same things.

Your competitors are also products of the unbalanced education system.
They fight for customers in the pond of left brains.

They cannot all survive in that pond.
There’s only so much water… and food.

Talk to customers with your right twin and swim in a freshwater river with tons of food and oodles of space.

Your right twin speaks in colours and shapes, metaphor and simile.
She talks in rhythm and rhyme.

Your customers have a right twin too.

Your opportunity is “be where no one else is”
But your left twin already knew that.

The little left twin rascal brags he is the strongest.
His dominance allows the arrogance as long as his right twin stays locked up.
You unleash her power and she’ll make him look like Danny Devito.

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