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I take complicated, knotted up marketing strategies and make them clear and understandable. I want people to know what you stand for, why you're special, and never forget you.

Talkin’ ‘Bout Those G-g-g-generations

2023-10-13T18:17:48+00:00By |

BBH Labs, the R&D arm of BBH Advertising in London, developed a “Group Cohesion Score;” a way to determine what groups of people have in common with each other. Their findings are surprising.

What Matters is What’s Remembered

2023-10-13T18:18:03+00:00By |

When you advertise, you typically make bullet points of what you “want customers to know.” Giving a customer an education so he’ll have no choice but to pick you is as fanciful as it is arrogant.

The Marketing Funnel Cloud

2023-10-13T18:18:11+00:00By |

I hate funnels. The thing we call a Marketing Funnel is really just a shorthand to remind us that no customer goes from “I don’t know who you are” to “here, take my money!”

That’ll Do

2023-10-13T18:18:19+00:00By |

Who is the “McDonald’s” in your category? The business you believe is getting an unfair amount of customers… in spite of their quality and competence. A few things are happening that you should find illuminating.

Everyone You Know (is a liar)

2023-10-13T18:18:27+00:00By |

"NOBODY reads the newspaper." Beware of anybody who speaks in absolutes. Statisticians look for something called a “representative sample.” And you don’t have one (no offence, I’m sure you’re a lovely person).

The Anatomy of an Offer

2023-10-13T18:18:37+00:00By |

Vagaries and loopholes are the enemy. Specifics and clarity are your best friends. If you’re putting a special offer out there, do the things that make offers work.


2023-10-13T18:20:52+00:00By |

A key element of any strategy is choosing what gets focus. When I present a focused strategy, sometimes I get presented with a made-up word: Alsofocuson. As in, “I like the focus, but can we also-focus-on this other focus?”

Show Me the Future

2023-10-13T18:21:24+00:00By |

You’ve seen this commercial before. A hand reaches for a Corona from behind an umbrella, a logo appears, and it all fades to black. If you can show me a version of me in the future, you’ve tapped into something powerful.

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