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I take complicated, knotted up marketing strategies and make them clear and understandable. I want people to know what you stand for, why you're special, and never forget you.

It’s Mostly Invisible

2021-01-08T18:16:48+00:00By |

Customers need to like you before they need you. And “like” is mostly invisible. The reasons we do the things we do sit deep in the limbic part of our brains. It’s waaayyy down there. One of the first parts of the brain to form.

Does the Name Ring a Bell?

2020-12-22T19:33:34+00:00By |

Most businesses have an awareness problem. More accurately, unawareness. The distance from unawareness to awareness is like going from the moon to Mars, and just as daunting.

Generation Gem and How to Market to Them

2020-12-10T16:55:18+00:00By |

Hidden in the flurry of marketing activity around Millennials and the up-and-coming Gen Z, is a diamond group of cohorts called Generation Gem. Research shows this generation to be one of the most lucrative.

About That Price

2020-12-01T17:56:39+00:00By |

“The only thing people care about is the lowest price.” This is the rejoinder I most often hear when a business doesn’t see any value in advertising (much less marketing). This confounded me for many years until I realized advertising wasn’t the problem.

You’re Local. Who Cares?

2021-07-09T00:06:57+00:00By |

Olive Garden has a 45-minute wait because in an ocean of unknowns, they’re the safest harbor. You know them, you’re comfortable with them, you get exactly the meal you were expecting.

Media Agnosticism

2020-10-16T15:10:34+00:00By |

From matchbook covers to skywriting, it all works. Which is why you have to approach it all with Media Agnosticism. If somebody in your affinity group tells you they had success with direct mail, ask to see the piece. It matters. 

Change the Name, Change the Results

2020-09-30T20:05:19+00:00By |

If you’re selling a commodity and that commodity is called the same thing at every business, give yours a better name. I can get a “large coffee” anyplace. I can get a Grande only at Starbucks.

Win Now. Win Later.

2020-09-18T22:10:16+00:00By |

The balance between relational brand-building vs. getting the immediate sale has confused businesses and thrown marketers into battle positions. My spies on the inside tell me both sides are holding out on you.

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