The term beachhead comes from war. It is a defended position on a beach taken from an enemy by landing forces from which an attack can be launched.

Business is war.
Competitors want your clients.
You want sales growth.
War is bloody unless you choose to not fight until you’re ready.

Historically, advantages were created by being the first to advertise to the masses.

Procter and Gamble use beachheads through television.

I hate terrorists. But you can learn from their tactics to become better strategists in your business.
Terrorists have taught us to never fight a war head-on against a Superpower.
Terrorists use guerrilla warfare.
They attack the competitor in unexpected ways to move their cause forward.
The United States military, the strongest and best military the world has ever seen, occupied Afghanistan for 20 years.
Yet, they didn’t demolish the terrorist militia.
Again, I hate terrorists. I only use the example to provide clarity for business owners to not fight larger competitors head-on.

Through guerrilla warfare, you can carve out a beachhead unknown to your competitor.

You capture customers slowly, but there would be little bloodshed.

Carving out a beachhead is now easier than it used to be.
Mass media is a great way to get your brand well known.
The ’80s brought media fragmentation.
And suddenly, there were 15 radio stations to choose from.
You want to be famous but can’t afford the top 10 stations.
So choose number 11.
There will be fewer listeners. It will cost less.
And you’ll start to build your beachhead.
Big advertisers buy from the other stations and force up the price.
They established their beachhead and built a fortified city around it.
You ain’t getting in – for now.

Beachheads are found where competitors aren’t willing to go.

Don’t fight your competitors head-on.
Not yet anyway.
Create a beachhead in an area where your enemies aren’t expecting.
Get bigger, stronger, and faster.
Then squash them with your size 22 foot when you’re ready.

Your beachhead is exactly where no one will expect you to be.

Go claim it. The world is waiting for your greatness to show up.

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