Sunnyvale Trailer Park is just down the road from my place. J-Roc is my homeboy. Ellen Page even got her inception at the park. Building a tribe takes longer than Ricky’s stints in jail. You gotta be patient, and commit to the content for a long time. Way longer than you think it’s funny for. You’ll get so sick of the sh*t your producing, you just want to steal a car in Dartmouth and make your way down to Burt Whinestain’s Pissing Stone.


And when you get there, it seems, you have to start making your own Whisk(e)y. Rex and Daniel did it. Rickey, Julien, and Bubbles did it. I think it may be the only way to put up with the crazy crap you gotta do to make it work.

The most valuable currency of a too busy public is entertainment.

~Roy H. Williams

Building a tribe takes a metric sh*t ton of content. And the content you’re creating, while you creating it, don’t mean squat to no one. Nobody had a clue who the Trailer Park Boys were in the early days. I’m pretty sure Daniel has little interest in people seeing this strange concoction of Wizard Academy Tower update and Whisk(e)y tasting, but, here ya go. It wasn’t until Daniel started cussin’ with Rex, did Felix find his Oscar.

But, like all great things, there’s an inflection point, and that is the point of no return. No, I’m not talking about becoming TikTok famous. I talking about building a dedicated, loyal tribe of cult ‘like’ followers who will believe anything you tell them. It’s definitely not a cult, but, you know…I promise you, it’s not a cult.

Be prepared to work your ass off for 2 years. Probably more. Be willing to write 800 blog posts before even making your way onto the scoreboard. Be ready to smash it out, day in and day out, even when you don’t know if you believe your own crap. Keep singing the same songs 30 years later. If you’re going to be on top, you’re going to have to deal with a few haters too.


Starting a cult…ahem, I mean building a tribe is tough. There are easier ways to make your millions. Just remember, when you finally get there. When you’ve done all you can. When you run out of good ideas…

You can always start making your own Whisk(e)y.