Increase facebook organic reach

You’re running a Facebook ad, and you notice there are two types of reach. One is paid and the other is organic. You wonder what organic reach is, but you don’t worry about it too much because it always stays at zero. And, well, you’re paying for people to see your content- so it would be natural that only paid reach would go up.

You trudge forward; you have been told on average that it will cost you about a dollar and three quarters per click. Every now and then a click turns into a sale. You feel like it is expensive, but overall, it feels kosher. You know nothing different. This is how Facebook works, right?

But one day, your organic reach shows some life. You squint your eyes at it. You have paid for your ad reach up to this point. Paid reach is 5K, maybe 10K on the meter, and all of a sudden, surprisingly, your organic reach meter reads a small number, say, 48.

What is happening…?

How is this happening…?

I have to pay for my reach I thought…?

If Facebook’s algorithm believes your content is worth showing for free to people, it will. Even if you started out paying for people to see it. If your post pleases the algorithm and keeps people engaged and on Facebook’s website, it won’t need you to pay them.

You could create an ad on Facebook so compelling, interactive, and authentic that the algorithm rewards you by showing it to more people organically.

But you have to know what Facebook wants. You have to know how to create a post that is compelling. You have to have copy that speaks to the heart of your customer and draws them in to interact.

Kelsie and I run ads on Facebook, but not often. Our approach is to make certain your presence on Facebook is worthy to pour money into before we actually pour money into it. This takes time, typically a year.

The reality is that previous posts will factor into how the algorithm likes your newest post. Once presence is clicking, we start to have the paid advertisement conversation.

They don’t look like an advertisement though.

They don’t scream at you to act.

They don’t sell a product.

They win hearts.

Talk soon,

Aaron & Kelsie

P.S. Our cost per click, after presence is established, will be less than $.40 or we refuse to run them.

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