We had finished a great day of uncovery with a newer client. Kelsie and I watched sparks fly and light bulbs turn on. It was towards the end of the day, at dinner, when the question came up,

“What about social media?”

Inhale… Exhale…

We can’t ignore it anymore. You can’t ignore it anymore either.

Social media.

Let’s look at some statistics, shall we?

  • 54% of customers will research products and a business on social media before making a purchase.
  • 71% of people who had a positive experience on social media with a company will recommend that company to their friends even if a purchase was never made.
  • 74% of social users will share content that a brand produces.
  • Folks spend on average of 2 ½ hours on social media per day.

We have more, lots more, but are you starting to get the point?

Social media presence is becoming more and more valuable and relevant for small businesses. We aren’t even talking about paid advertising at this point. Just presence. Like a modern-day storefront, the page that someone will land on and see what you are all about.

Nothing disappoints me more, and maybe you can relate, than hearing about a business, finding their Facebook page, and seeing there hasn’t been a post for a couple of years.

I genuinely ask myself, “Should I do business with them? Are they still relevant?”

If you have spent 10 seconds on Facebook you’ve seen people asking for recommendations. Maybe you have even given recommendations yourself. How refreshing is it to see a complete stranger recommending your business and placing a link directly to your Facebook page in the comment section?


And you know what else? Even if you don’t get the business of the person who was asking for the recommendation, your business made impressions on those who will need you one day. You were seen by others, your business is alive, and it is relevant enough to talk about.

Leveraging social media is exactly how Kelsie and I spread the word to help fund and build the world’s second free wedding chapel. We had no marketing budget. All we had was time, and a commitment to see to it that it would be accomplished. So we made certain we took the time to develop and learn how to leverage social media for everything that we could. We learned a lot, and have since helped multiple businesses grow their presence tremendously.

And we can help you, too.

Talk soon,

Aaron & Kelsie