When Steve Jobs returned to Apple after his unceremonious departure he was a different man. Pixar had unlocked the secret of the universe. He had discovered a power that Disney knew all too well – stories. This epiphany changed his trajectory forever.

Steve Jobs spoke of what was to come. What it meant to be Apple. What it meant to own Apple products. How the Apple brand represented our personal brand. He spoke about core values. He spoke about what truly made, and would make, Apple authentically different.

The story of Apple is one of the greatest stories of transformation of all time. It could have easily been another forgettable tale of a tech company doing the same thing…just more. For the story to be truly remarkable, it required a leader to stand up and reject traditional wisdom.

Thinking different is simple, but it isn’t easy. The thing is, smart people are ridiculous. We place our own roadblocks up and then toil over how to drive through the roadblock we just put up.

This was Steve Jobs’ defining moment. This is the moment Steve Jobs went back to basics. This is the moment he shrank his product line…and waited to see what his tribe needed. When they spoke, he acted, with lightning speed and precision.

This was the moment Steve Jobs changed the world.

What will your world look like when you start thinking different?

Watch Steve Jobs’ pivotal moment below.