OK, here’s the hack:

Play your mass media ads to your people.

Preferably you’ll play them to ALL your people. 

And you’ll do that at company meetings (even if it’s multiple meetings held by department), wherein you can emphasize the importance of living up to the ads. 

But if that’s not feasible, at least play your ads for all of your customer-facing employees, such as sales, customer service reps, store staff, and home service techs.

Why is this so important? 

The Top 4 Reasons to Play Your Ads to Your People

1. Your ads are making promises to the customer, and your people can’t deliver on those promises if they don’t know what they are. 

This is especially the case with explicit offers or guarantees, but it also extends to promises of the sort to provide customers with “all their options” or “to never sell.” 

2. The unique language used in your ads — AKA, your brandable chunks — should be echoed and used by your customer facing people as well. 

It’s important to feel like the same company in person as on air. 

3. If your ads are entertaining, people will echo earworms and punchlines back to your employees, and they need to be in on that joke. 

To the previous bullet, it’s important for you to seem like the same company in-person as on air. You don’t want your employees looking mystified when a customer repeats a joke, catch-phrase or ear-worm.

4. An ad campaign crafted to reflect the real you will only help strengthen  your culture when played for your people. 

Ideally, you want the stories you tell inside the company and the stories you tell outside the company to be the same stories. Even better is when the stories customers tell about you match up with the stories you tell about yourself. And playing your ads for your people will only help make this a reality.

And that’s all, folks. 

If you’re fortunate enough to have a great ad campaign running, make sure you play your ads to your people. 

It’ll help improve sales and company culture at the same time. 

And if you don’t yet have a great campaign running, let’s work to change that.