Have you ever wondered why you can’t see how many people are being reached on your personal Facebook page posts?

All of the whiners, complainers, and multi-posts-per-dayers would stop using the platform. They would realize that Facebook is showing their posts to virtually no one.

At least business owners can see when the Facebook algorithm hates them. What a blessing.

The problem is that most business owners keep paying thousands of dollars to the marketing company that is creating “beautiful” content for them that is reaching next to no one, or maybe just your Aunt Betty, who faithfully follows your business because she loves you. Facebook keeps showing her your content so she will stay on their platform longer.

You’re wasting your Aunt Betty’s valuable time.

But in all seriousness, most businesses don’t even reach 5% of their following. And business owners just allow it to happen.

We met with a jeweler a couple of weeks ago. Went through our whole presentation with them. They fully agreed with everything we said, even showing excitement. But when we brought up reach, and they saw that their current posts were only reaching 38 people on average, although they had around 3,500 page likes, they started to get upset.

Ask the company or person running your social why your post reach is so low. Would you feel good about their answer? Do they have a goal or plan for it to increase?

It is no longer enough to simply create flashy content.

Any time Kelsie and I decide to take on a client our first step is to establish page health.

We put your Facebook page through a very strict post diet that has the sole goal of appeasing the algorithm. The process can take a few months before the algorithm starts to loosen up.

“Ok, we will start to create posts that people will engage with more.”

Unfortunately, that isn’t the answer either.

“In honor of Father’s Day, tell us your favorite memory about your dad in the comments.”

This actually makes the Facebook algorithm angrier at you because you called people to act and are essentially trying to manipulate them to do what you want them to do. Looks harmless, but the game has changed, folks.

More and more people believe engagement is what drives reach. And there is certainly some truth to this. But more and more, we say reach drives engagement. We can show you plenty of posts that had lots of engagement but relatively low reach.

If you post something and Facebook shows it to just a few people, the post never had a chance to come to life.

If you believe engagement is driving your reach, you are forgetting who is in charge. It is neither you nor your followers. It is Facebook that is analyzing your post and deciding who to show it to from the very beginning. You must make Facebook happy before you will start to reach people on their platform.

Go look at your reach.

Let us know how it’s going.

Talk soon,
Aaron and Kelsie