There are 3 core selling styles:

  1. Finders

  2. Minders

  3. Grinders

Finders are your hunters. They take a surgical approach to finding the right prospects that need their specific solution. They will take a precision approach that invests more time in finding hot prospects that have a higher likelihood of buying.

Finders find the hunt thrilling and closing sales exhilarating. Finders have limited interest in having conversations with people who have not demonstrated a need for their solution. Finders prefer to use their time wisely to maximize a sales opportunity, not blindly reach out to anyone possible and try to convince them that they need what they are selling. Therefore, effective Finders will speak to less people, but likely sell more to each customer they close.

Minders are your nurturers. They take great satisfaction in caring for those that they know and have built a relationship with. They are great brand ambassadors, always looking to accommodate the client without compromising the integrity of your brand.

Minders make the best account managers; looking after existing customer’s needs and looking for ways to add value and sell additional or repeat sales. They make sure to deliver everything promised from the sale and ensure clients keep coming back for more.

Grinders are your hustlers. Grinders are looking for the needle in the proverbial haystack, and cheerfully attack it with blind abandon. They believe in their ability to convince people to buy what they are selling. They believe deeply in their solution and see a highly applicable use to a wide range of people. Give a Grinder a list and point them in the general direction.

This shotgun approach will typically take the same amount of time a Finder will take, instead, calling on a high volume of people day in and day out, unearthing people who are immediately in the marketplace who eventually present themselves as long as a large enough volume is being pursued.

When considering what your business needs when hiring your next salesperson, which selling style best serves your needs?

Good selling.

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