Sheldon Cooper and Leslie Winkle didn’t like each other. Leslie broke up with Leonard because he sided with Sheldon.

He chose string theory over quantum gravity loops.

Simply put, string theory is a theory of everything that combines all fundamental forces.
Now, these are just theories. And theories are thoughts until a Sheldon proves it as fact.

Despite their differences, Leonard, Leslie, and Sheldon agree there are four fundamental forces of nature.

In order of strength, they are:

  1. Gravity
  2. Weak Atomic Force
  3. Electromagnetism
  4. Strong Atomic Force

Gravity is the weakest.
Yet, without it, we’d spin off the planet.
It’s obviously important.

If Earth is a business and humans are customers, gravity works well to keep us coming back for more.

We have no choice.
On April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin and the Russians changed that. By completing one orbit of Earth he paved the way for dreamers like Armstrong, Musk, and even Bezos to want to go further.

Back on Earth, a customer who has to buy from you is pulled in by the weakest fundamental force.

  • You are the only one selling the product.
  • You are selling it the cheapest.
  • Your location is more convenient than competitors.

Advertising’s Gravity Force:

You rely on cheaper prices, lack of competition, or mere convenience to attract a customer.

Gas stations benefit from gravity.

The force weakens when:

  • Someone builds across the street.
  • A giant expands in the territory.
  • A competitor sells for less.
  • Technology improves in an alternative product.

If you have the best location, you’re using gravity to pull in customers.
If you are selling for less than your competitors, gravity is your force.

Walmart is the richest retailer on the planet.
They use the gravitational pull better than anyone else.

Walmart is like Yuri Gagarin.

The need to improve, to compete, and to persevere is a basic human condition.

Although gravity is beneficial, it’s too weak to protect your pull on your customers. A competitor will create a better gravitational pull or will use one of the other stronger fundamental forces.

The second fundamental force of nature is the weak atomic force. I’ll explain its force on business in my next post.


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