The third fundamental force of business is Electromagnetism.

This is the easiest to explain. Positive charges attract opposite charges.

I’m sure you’ve played with magnets before and have seen this phenomenon.

The electromagnetic force is responsible for the attraction of electrons to protons. We learn in chemistry, when atoms are attracted to one another, they create molecules. Two atoms of hydrogen glued to an atom of oxygen gives us water (H20).

The combination of these atoms is called covalent bonds.

The Wizard likes the word bonding over branding.
Branding is overused and misunderstood. Bonding speaks to connections.
I like this idea.

Using bonding techniques in your ads create connections with the audience. Your atoms collide with their atoms, creating a covalent bond, resulting in a new molecule.

Electromagnetism is how these connections happen. Your protons interact with the customer’s electrons.

And just like magnets, this technique will repel customers with the “wrong” charge.
You’re using the electromagnetic forces when you get customer complaints about your ads.

Unfortunately, it’s the complaints that get our attention. Primarily because humans are less likely to spread positive words.
The condition is called negativity bias.
You can blame our DNA for that.

When ancient ancestors were still prey and did not have an evolved prefrontal cortex, their survival was based on running, fighting, and procreating.

In constant fear, they reacted to uncertainty as bad.

Today that negativity bias affects how information is shared.
Good news travels. Bad news travels faster.

Recently I spoke to a group of 20 new business owners. There were 19 positive reviews and one negative one.

The jerk didn’t like what I said, so he voiced his displeasure.
For 2 days, I agonized about the jerk’s comments.
Let’s be honest; he wasn’t a jerk. I took it personally.
This guy’s infinite knowledge, as a waiter, disagreed with my understanding of the restaurant business.
His comments were unqualified compared to my 15 years of restaurant ownership.
Maybe he’s more of an idiot.

It still hurt.
I read in one of Seth Godin’s books that he falls in the same trap.

We focus on the negative while forgetting about the overwhelming positive.

You should be more concerned if your ads are not repelling people.
The negative response is proof your ads are using electromagnetism.

The customers who love your ads won’t say anything.

They can’t rationalize the pull: the slow, gradual, attraction towards you.
They don’t say anything because their wallets won’t shut up.

Nike’s “Dream Crazy” ad with Colin Kaepernick is a great example of electromagnetism. While some people hated the ad and burned their Nike gear, others embraced it. Nike’s sales growth doubled in the first year of the campaign, despite repelling some buyers away.

You’re using electromagnetism when:

• you tell stories,
• you’re honest,
• you show weakness,
• you make us laugh, or cry,
• you attract a life partner.

The same emotions that made you attractive to your spouse are the same ones that make you attractive to customers.

1. Gravity Force in Advertising:

You rely on cheaper prices, lack of competition, or mere convenience to attract a customer.

2. Weak Atomic Force in Advertising:

You provide informational ads waiting for a customer to respond.

3. Electromagnetism in Advertising:

You use genuine bonding techniques in your ads create connections.

Electromagnetism is the second strongest fundamental force of nature.
Yet it is still 100 times weaker than the Strong Atomic force.


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