The second fundamental force of nature is the Weak Atomic force.

It is ten to the power of twenty-five stronger than gravity. But only 1 one-millionth as strong as the Strong Atomic force.

1. Gravity Force in Advertising:

You rely on cheaper prices, lack of competition, or mere convenience to attract a customer.

2. Weak Atomic Force in Advertising:

You provide informational ads waiting for a customer to respond.

Imagine gravity as a slap to the face. Maybe a second from the time you start to finish.
Weak Atomic force is like a trillion slaps every second for the next 3.17 trillion years.
That’s Neo fast.
The fourth fundamental force, the Strong Atomic force, is a million times stronger than Neo fast.

“I’m an ad writer, not a physicist, Captain.”

The simplest way to explain the Weak Atomic force is to think about the radioactivity that occurs on the Sun. Neutrons decay to create protons and electrons. Subatomic particles, like quarks, leptons, and bosons, are circling around. It’s the exchange of bosons that creates neutrinos. 400 billion neutrinos pass through your body on a sunny day.

Without the Weak Atomic force and the exchange of bosons, the universe would be a cold, dark place. Life could not exist without it.

Now imagine using the Weak Atomic force in your ads.

Imagine your advertising message is a set of protons and electrons.
The customer is a different set of protons and electrons.
The message is delivered and heard.
There’s an exchange of bosons.
Bosons create heat, or neutrinos.

Your message is spiraling through the universe. Electrons are circling like buzzards in the desert.

No one is interested in buying.

You continue to run the ads.

One day, a prospect turns on the radio. The night before, she decided to buy a new sofa.
Like a brilliant idea, the ad lights up her life. The ad played before, but it was only today she heard it.
She is now a prospect.
Particles got close and exchanged bosons.

If there isn’t a stronger force pulling her elsewhere, she will go to your store to look at your inventory.

The Wizard wrote a fantastic book about these particles, “Thought Particles: Building Blocks of Perceptual Reality; Binary Code of the Mind”.

The Wizard is our Sheldon Cooper. He has the ability to dissect complex theories and simplify them for people like you and me. You should read this book if these concepts interest you.

The Weak Atomic force technique is used by many who think they understand advertising.

They simply provide informational ads waiting for a customer to respond.

The force is weak.

Stronger than gravity, the customer will go out of her way to “check it out.”
She will evaluate options, including time, price, and availability.

The ad can turn a person into a customer. Albeit she’s a weak customer.
These types of customers are persuaded by an exchange of bosons.
It pulls the customer to visit, not necessarily to buy.

Most of the ads clogging your Facebook feed are The Weak Atomic force variety. These ads are targeted at you based on searches, likes, and cookies. But regardless, they’re trying to time your buy. My Facebook feed has ads from Cocodudu. Whatever the hell that is. The Athletic, which is a sports sponsored site. And The Vancouver Sun. I spent five minutes three months ago looking at the price of houses in Vancouver. Now Facebook predicts I’m going to move there.

It is 10,000 times weaker than electromagnetism and 1 one-millionth the strength of the Strong Atomic force.

For the same advertising money, wouldn’t you want a stronger force?

The third fundamental force of nature is electromagnetism. More on that next week.


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