Your products and services have a variety of features that make them interesting, special, or unique. That’s cool, but it’s the benefits that someone buys, not the features, right?!


Wait, what?

Let’s explore for a moment…

David goes into Canadian Tire to buy a drill bit that creates a 1.5” hole. The classic sales trainer tells you that David doesn’t want the 1.5” drill bit, he wants a 1.5” hole, right?

But does he really?

What does David want a 1.5” hole for?

Digging a little deeper, we discover that David needs to install a doorknob. The door doesn’t have a hole in it, like…at all.

So what does David really want?

David wants to open his door.

Like the drill bit, the 1.5” hole is just the means to an end.

In short:

  • Feature: drill bit that cuts a 1.5” hole
  • Benefit: a 1.5” hole
  • Advantage: David can open his door

So why does this matter?

Your salespeople become SIGNIFICANTLY more persuasive when they speak to the dog in the language of the dog.

By the time David shows up at Canadian Tire, his perceptual reality is already 3 steps ahead of the sales clerk. In his mind, David is already picturing himself opening the door. In his imagination he has already bought the 1.5” drill bit, he has already drilled the hole, and he has already seen himself turning the knob and passing through the doorway.

And your salesperson is already annoyingly well behind the eightball in David’s perceptual reality.

The faster the salesperson can start speaking the same language, the faster he can positively persuade David to buy his drill bit.

Now have your sales team think about your prospect.

Where are they in their own perceptual reality? Where do you need to take them in their mind?

  • Do you feel the kiss of cool air drying the sweat off your brow as your nearly silent air conditioner purrs above?
  • Do you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day after a great night’s sleep on your new mattress?
  • Do you feel just a little flushed when that cute person at the corner notices you in your stylish new ride?
  • How does she feel when you elegantly crack the lid open on the ring case?

This is what matters to the dog.

To speak to the dog in the language of the dog means identifying the features that make them FEEL, showing them how they benefit from it, but most importantly, connecting their feelings to their desired results.

Because people make ALL DECISIONS in the area of the brain that EXCLUSIVELY FEELS (and has no faculty for words), you need to help them IMAGINE HOW THEY WILL FEEL owning the product or service you sell.

Salespeople most adept at convincing the heart, win the mind of the prospect.
Win the mind, win the wallet.

Good selling.

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