does posting during peak hours increase your reach

Recently, Kelsie and I were contacted by a marketing group that specializes in social media. We set up the Zoom and got ready to go through a presentation that we do with most businesses. Pretty standard stuff.

There were a handful of people on the Zoom and we asked them to send us questions directly through the chat. They were a very attentive group: taking notes and paying attention. Towards the end, we started to sift through their questions and three separate people asked pretty much the same thing.

“Why have you not mentioned about posting at certain times? Mainly posting when more people are on the platform.”

I spoke up and asked them to talk to me about this question: “Why are you asking this, do you do this for your clients currently?”

“One of my professors in marketing school always taught us to post when more people are on the platform.”

Wizard of Ads partners believe that traditional wisdom is more traditional than wise.

Sounds like really great traditional advice. It makes a whole lot of sense. Put your billboard where there is more traffic right?

I politely asked, “Does your reach on those posts prove that is good advice?”

It was deathly quiet.

We have faced similar questions from others. And we keep saying the same thing. Facebook has changed. More than ever, businesses are having a harder time earning space on the timelines of the public.

If that’s true, why would you want to compete for timeline-share when everyone else is?

You wouldn’t.

If Facebook doesn’t like your post, it doesn’t matter the time of day or how many people are on their platform- they won’t show it to anyone on their timeline.

There was a gentleman on the Zoom who was pressing us really hard on the subject of when to post. It got a little awkward. You could tell the others understood what we were saying, but this guy wouldn’t give it up. Kelsie and I are used to this. Half the folks we talk to simply don’t want to believe what we are saying. And that’s ok.

Turned out he was the professor who had taught most of those other folks on Zoom how to run social media and he was a part-owner in the company!

Kelsie and I just laughed that one off.

Talk soon,
Aaron & Kelsie

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